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NHAI to Adopt Video-Based Surveillance System at Toll Plazas

The national highways of India have been acting as great facilitators for trade and other purposes. Comparatively, they are less in length with other roadways. But, they support a good amount of trade. Traders rely on national highways as they support the economic integration of India. Statistics reveal that around 40% of all the trade, which happens within the geographical contours of India, is carried by the national highway network. Such is the scale of the trade the national highways facilitate. On the other side, this phenomenon resulted in an increase of vehicular traffic and congestion on national highways. So, the Government of India (GoI) has been time and again introducing different and diverse measures to cope with this cropping up problem. The recent one among the congestion-curbing measures is the introduction of the Video-based surveillance system, which could monitor and report traffic patterns at Toll plazas thereby helping NHAI in its efforts to reduce congestion at To

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