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Video Conferencing

Revealing HELLO2 Video Communication Device

A Smart Companion to your TV

HELLO 2, like its predecessor, turns any TV into a video communication and collaboration device. HELLO 2 does everything users love about the original even better with Alexa support, home automation (Zigbee), and Android games, and also does digital whiteboarding on the new 4K Touch TV. In addition, Gadgets now make HELLO 2 even more useful.

“With HELLO 2 we’re bringing the future of communications to consumers and businesses. It’s truly the next generation of video conferencing and virtual collaboration” explains Labinot Bytyqi, founder and CEO of HELLO Solaborate platform.


HELLO is not your typical webcam - it is a powerful, all-in-one communication device with a proven platform that supports its features, is affordable, and is useful for both businesses and consumers.


HELLO 2 aims to send the conferencing experience to a whole other level with reliable, feature-rich video conferencing equipment, and significantly improved audio and video quali

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Things I Hate About Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become a major tool used by businesses to operate almost on a daily basis. It not only saves on time and money but also increases collaboration among globally distributed workforce. However, the use of video conferencing comes with its fair share of challenges that make it undesirable for many businesses. As much as this technology helps connect people from different places much faster, there are things companies wish would've worked better. If you can look into the unfiltered truth about video conferencing systems, then you can learn that there's much that's needs to be done to improve communication.

1. Getting Everyone of the Same Page Is Difficult

Coordinating between the software and hardware part of the video conferencing system is always frustrating. You must first download and setup the software on your computer or mobile device then login to your account. Going through the process till you're connected with other participants can end up being a hassle

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