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North American Gastroenterology

North American Gastroenterology is the best gastroenterology clinic in Abu Dhabi. We are now in Emirates to offer the best care for digestive disorders and nonsurgical endoscopic treatments for obesity.Untitled design (46)

Gastroenterologists have extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that affect the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and biliary system for example- liver, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts etc.

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Investment Opportunities in Dubai- Myths and Facts

Dubai is unremittingly offering a fruitful and prolific atmosphere for entrepreneurs from around the world. Being the commercial capital of the UAE, Dubai offers unlimited business opportunities. Dubai city is well connected to the rest of the world. Its strategic geo-location makes it easy to do business with various parts of the globe.

Even if you start surfing internet today, you can have a wide options of investment opportunities in Dubai, like in tourism, finance, media, technology, as well as the real estate sector. But is the business world of Dubai real? Do people really get what they are offered? Is there something which you should know before investing?

If these questions are knocking your mind then you are at the right place; as today we have compiled certain myths about the business world of Dubai. So, before you say yes to investment options, roll down and know about some of the business myths in Dubai:

Myth 1: Offshore company set-up in Dubai results in tax-evasion:


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UAE investment opportunities in 2018. What do you need to know as a first mover?

If you are thinking to invest and start your own venture, then UAE is the best place for you. Here you can have an abundance of resources and best business climate which can give you a successful future. All you need is to have a perfect knowledge of utilizing UAE Investment opportunities.  UAE is on the threshold of yet another economic leap. This place has stepped into every business sphere and continues to do so. With the introduction of digitalization, UAE is providing a vast range of profitable investment opportunities to the investors. If you have an eye for grabbing the best business opportunity then UAE is surely going to play the role of gem in your life.

Thus, if you are planning a business set up in UAE, or aspire to open up your dream venture, this is the time to do it. As a first mover, you can face certain issues like choosing the type of business, knowledge of business, required documentation, etc. But we have compiled 2018 top business platforms for you through which y

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Hair Transplant in Dubai

Considering Hair Transplant in Dubai medicinal strategy? Transplants are twisting up dynamically conspicuous as they are starting at now the fundamental certifiable way to deal with restore your typical creating hair.   In this kind of medicinal system hair follicles that are not innately helpless against going bare (when in doubt on the back and sides of the head) are taken and absolutely replanted into a diminishing up best area (like the most elevated purpose of your head or front hairline). The transplanted hair isn't innately modified to be lost. So a substantial bit of this transplanted hair will continue creating for a lifetime, giving you an all the more full head of hair and a logically youthful look.   Nevertheless, what decisions do you have on the off chance that you're pondering therapeutic technique? This article will format the various types of hair transplant restorative strategy and the benefits of each. Clearly, an extreme end is needy upon you - and a better than ave

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