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The NHAI Introduces a New Surveillance System for Highways

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) introduced a new surveillance system for national highways in the country, taking a cue from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). The NHAI’s new surveillance system is a part of its Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS), which also is known as Traffic Incident Emergency Management System (TIMS).

The Centre’s autonomous highways agency is planning to make the new system functional at 10 major Toll gates in the country by 2018. Later, the National Highways Authority of India will expand it to 200 Toll plazas. The MoRTH and NHAI propose that the new surveillance system will enhance security and traffic infrastructure at Toll gates. The autonomous agency is planning to execute the initial phase of the project in 6 months from the time of initiation.

Equipped with the latest technology, such as low-latency Internet Protocol (IP) cameras and advanced imaging systems, the new surveillance system will transmit real-time info

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The NHAI is Set to Install Video Surveillance System at Toll Plazas

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) is taking its efforts to make the National Highway Network of India top-notch to another level. By using latest technology and infrastructure the NHAI is working to fix the problem of traffic congestion on the highway toll plazas.

As it is a known fact that the highways are the lifeline of the travel and transportation in the country, it makes it obvious to imagine the number of vehicles travel on these highway roads every day. The toll plazas create a bottleneck on these highways, and slight mismanagement can lead to heavy traffic jams near these toll plazas.

In order to avoid such scenarios and provide highway commuters with a hassle-free experience, the National Highway Authority of India has decided to install hi-tech video surveillance system at the toll plazas. The surveillance system will be equipped to do the real-time mapping of traffic congestion. It will send time-stamped photographs at a regular interval of 30 minutes to the

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How NHAI is Helping India Modernise its Highways

In a bid to modernise the national highways, the Government of India started a domestic cluster project with the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) at the helm. The Centre is subsuming these and several other similar road projects, started by the governments of the past, under an umbrella program named Bharatmala Pariyojna. Other projects under the NHAI’s Bharatmala include the National Highways Development Project (NHDP).

The cluster project involves several subprojects for integrating advanced technology with the highways sector and overhauling national highways. These subprojects include Wayside Amenities (WSAs), Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS), industrial drones and remote sensing for highway projects, GPS tolling, and green highways.Of these, WSA, ETC, SukhadYatra, ATMS, and drones and LiDARs are already functional, and are in various stages of completion.

Domestic Projects

WSA consists of three substructures that provide civ

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Two More Highway Bundle Projects to be Monetised by the Government in May

The National Highways Authority of India recently signed their very first International TOT agreement with the Australian company, Macquarie. Following bagging a hefty amount of 1.6 million in their funds, NHAI is expecting to work their wonders even more. The Government is aiming to acquire even more than $2 million in their kitty with the two roads and highway projects. This was planned after the successful implementation of the first TOT agreement. NHAI is planning to propose even more of such bundle projects by the end of May to bring in more revenue to the country.

The Chairman of NHAI, Mr Deepak Kumar, in a recent interview told an esteemed daily that the organisation is planning on introducing two tranches of highway projects for monetisation under the popular toll, operate and transfer (TOT) model in May itself. He further emphasised on the same saying that they are going to introduce around 18 to 20 such road and highways projects in two different bundles in the month of May.

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