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Tailors In Bangkok

Bespoke Suit in Bangkok

Lot of our customers have asked what is difference between bespoke suit and custom made suit? It is a pretty tricky question but Fashion Galleria will try to answer our customer’s queries.

In simple words, bespoke suits are created by designers and tailors without using any machinery. The designer gives a human touch to bespoke suits with his art and year of experience. That’s why it is very important to hire tailors or designers who are experienced and master in their tailoring work. Luckily, Fashion Galleria has best designers and tailors from all over the Thailand.

Whereas, custom made suits are manufactured by machinery and does not bring exact fitting in some cases. You can see custom made suits in the H&M, corporate offices, business meetings and hotels. All them are custom made and cheaper compare to bespoke suit. Thus, they are not expensive and easily accessible. But, people struggle with custom made suits a lot because of it manufactured size.

These days, most of the peopl

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How to find a Great Tailor in Bangkok and make him your best friend

The tailor is the one who’s going to make a difference in how is your final appearance is. Between every success and failure in clothing, there’s an unsung hero, a Tailor. Finding a Great Tailor in Bangkok is thus an important task and make him your friend. Only a friend can understand what your needs are and what you think over your clothing. Here’s on how to do so:

First, you need to ask around

Who can be a better source of information on any Bangkok Tailor except a well dressed person? So if you have spotted any such well dressed, don’t hesitate to ask the source of his smart appearance.

Show to gain

It’s never a shame to show to your Bangkok tailor, what exactly you are chasing for. If, you can’t explain to him, your requirements, the best way is to show him, what made you flat.

Know some facts

Good thing costs good money. So, be ready to shell a considerable amount of money on getting the dream suits or clothing. Also, remember that your tailor is a tailor and not a magici

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