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Art Gallery Software and Websites

Masterpiece is a global art technology company. We create beautiful art gallery software and web site for galleries, artists & collectors. We provide the fully automated art business websites and inventory management software our clients rely on to succeed.

This innovative art business solution is the most complete, and intuitive solution available in the industry. It has been designed to operate nearly every function of your art or consignment business. Additionally, Masterpiece Manager leverages proven cloud-based technologies that have been time tested in other leading industries. For the first time, art and consignment businesses will have a truly comprehensive program that covers all aspects of operations — Hosted in the Cloud.

Art Collection Management

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tidsregistrering software


Time Tracking Software For Growing Service

Keeping monitoring how long people spend on various tasks encourages productivity and it is just a great tool for employee reviews. Whether employees understand that you'll be using tidsregistrering software in their evaluations, they'll be motivated to fill out timesheets with accuracy and consistency. Using bonuses or other perks as incentives, or creating healthy competition among professional teams, would be a positive way to enforce consistent, complete data collection of any kind, and will be useful for timekeeping as well.

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Software Development Company in Bangalore

We, a leading web solutions provider, based in Bangalore, India., offering web hosting services, domain registration, digital marketing services, Software Development Company in Bangalore at reasonable price. quality assurance testing, deployment as well as maintenance.

Having successfully implemented number of projects for clients worldwide, team acquired a unique experience in custom software development across various domain areas, Custom Software Development is also as bespoke software or tailor made software .

The name pretty much sums it all up; it’s software that is developed at demands of a client. These software’s are aimed at specific task work of an organization, company or market. You tell us about your company, what kind of works you do, the processes it requires, current deficiency in your system and also what you wish to see in a software that will truly be your perfect software.

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How to Be a Great Customer Service Representative


There are customer service executives who say that they hate listening to the incessant ranting of some of the customers. But these customer service executives should remember that they are the company in the human form. This means that whatever actions they take or words they speak will be viewed as the company's actions or words.  Therefore, it is important that every customer service representative should develop a few qualities so they become great executives. For example, using a free helpdesk ticketing system.

Not having enough confidence.

As a beginner, you may be afraid that you will commit mistakes. This very thought will sap your confidence and this will give room to more number of mistakes.

Remember that you can become a great customer service representative for which you have to bear in mind a few points. 


  1. You have thousands of customers waiting to utilize your company's products or services.


Remember that there are hundreds or even thousands of potentia

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pay after placement Corporate Company in Hyderabad

Talent flames company is one of the best pay after placement Corporate Company in Hyderabad. Providing training on Technologies like Java,Sql,Oracle,..,etc with 100% Placement Assistance.for more information visit us http://talentflames.com/


We have had the ability to shape the occupations of different specialists. Our strong feelings and characteristics portray a major helper for us and choose how we function.The association established its fundamental frameworks from stray pieces of HR Management, in this manner conveying an extraordinary method to manage give sustenance the necessities of our Clients.We have possessed the capacity to shape the vocations of various experts. Our solid convictions and qualities characterize a big motivator for we and decide how we function. 


We help our clients with redesigning their workforce and enhance their understanding and aptitudes. Keeping in view the possibility of the work, our authorities coordinate Corporate Train

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What is a Help Desk Ticketing System and Why is it Important?

Every firm in the industry makes every possible effort to stick to their bottom lines. Nowadays, customer engagement and customer satisfaction are on top of the priority list of the firms. Hence, acknowledging the needs of customers is essential. This can be done using a ticketing system.

Functions of ticketing system

There are four major functions of a help desk ticketing system, they are:

  1. Assigning tasks: The most basic function of a ticketing system is assigning the task based on prioritization.
  2. Categorizing customer requests: A company receives hundreds of customer requests, and it is important to segregate them based on sales, products, support, and more. 
  3. Updating customers: Even after the customer problem is resolved, the team needs to ask about the experience. 
  4. Prioritizing customer problems: In certain cases, it is important to prioritize the request of a customer. 

Importance of ticketing system

There are myriad of advantages of using a help desk ticketing system

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Customer Experience Trends: What to Expect in 2018

Having become the key differentiator, customer experience is perhaps the most valued element of any business across the globe.  Here are some of the trends not only determined the fate of many businesses in 2018 but also will continue to do in near future.

Aggressive Omni-channel Presence: Research shows that businesses having omni-channel presence enjoy customers with 30% higher lifetime value. Omni-channel presence was not a must for any business till now but it has become a mandatory tool in recent days. 

Social Media as Service Channel: Not many businesses think about offering customer service through the social media. With social media having become an inevitable part of the daily life, customers actually expect businesses to respond to the complaints made on social media. 

Reassessing the AI: Businesses have started asking questions about the effectiveness of the Artificial Intelligence along with the Machine Learning.

Enhancing Personalized Solution: With customers expecti

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In today’s world, digitization has become a prominent thing across a range of sectors, through the world. If you are yet to embrace the digital transformation, it could impact your business in the long run. Reinventing business process to match up with the expectations of today’s customers is essential and here are the reasons, why you should digitize your business:


Irrespective of the type of business, there are new innovative solutions available, which would enable effective business handling in various aspects. This helps companies to craft new business ideas, reach a wider customer base and also facilitates using the latest tools to their advantage for monitoring and organizing various business processes.

New Business Standard

When old strategies merge with new ideas, the result is often something brand new and innovative. You can deliver product or service, that was not possible a couple of decades ago.


In order for a business to succeed, proper co

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Things you should have to Know Before Buying Lead Management Platform

If you are in the insurance business, then this article is for you. There is plenty of insurance company in the market, how you are creating your niche, will eventually govern your success. Definitely, you need to stand out from the crowd to make it happen. When any person visits your website, there should be a clear-cut plan for them; they need accurate information not talking around the bush, so you have to maintain professionalism. For this, you have to provide assistance of competent insurance agent as soon as they show interest.

Also, you have to embrace a new model of business; one of them is lead tracking software for insurance agents.

Things to know before buying:-

  • You should look at various key features before you actually make a purchase. Following are the few key features.
  • Interaction- Insurance lead management tool should give you leverage to interact with your customer; it should be such that your customer can easily ask any query from you. This will help you t
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