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Intranet Application & Intranet Portal Company in Delhi Noida

A highly automated and optimized Intranet Web Application developed by our team, reduces manual efforts and improves business processes. Enhanced security measures like time bound and hierarchical access within the department further improves overall productivity.   Intranet portals developed by our team are architected in a way that provide flawless and relevant data sharing, providing guided and quick exchange of information from corporate knowledge bank.   Undoubtedly, your Intranet Application should be accessible only within the protected corporate environment, providing access based restriction across departments. Securing your corporate data behind a firewall further results in a highly secured environment for the app.   2ec328db2dedd95ecafd40d5b71d5cc2--business-goals-web-development continue reading →
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Top Web Portal Development Company in Delhi/ Noida

RG Infotech, leading Web Portal development company, has helped many Enterpreneurs and Business houses to build their dream portal. An effective and efficient web portal portrays professional image of your business to the audience. As a company we understand the importance of building a professional web portal with beautifully presented content.

We build consumer centric web portals which offer effective content to serve relevant information. The Portal's architecture also protects data from unauthorized access by hiding technical implementations and enforcing anti sql-injection techniques. Our web portal caters to different user-groups based on their access level.


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Best Website Development Company in Noida

RG Infotech is one of the best Web Development Company in Delhi with over 12 years of successful track record. We have extensive development experience with world class professionals and consultants. As a custom Web Development Company in India, we have served over 500 clients across the globe. We provide web-app development services tailored to meet your business needs. Our web experts have extensive experience on web technologies to provide end to end web based solutions. We utilize popular platforms or even a ready-made framework to fast track your web development. Choose the right Web development service that fits your needs and business goals.

web dev1

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Best Website Development Company in Noida

RG Inotech Leading IT Company offering premium web development, custom software and digital marketing services, worldwide. Offshore development and IT consulting for web portals and seo. 

RG Infotech

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Coinjoker - Cryptocurrency Exchange Script for 2018

Recently, The volatility of cryptocurrency markets has stumped even after the best rises. Now, there are lots of efforts are taking in cryptocurrency business industry to bring some high standard for doing bitcoin business.

In this recent time, many entrepreneur are stepping updwards in crypto business world and wants to be a an unique techpreneur from the competitive bitcoin business world. 

Demandable bitcoin exchange business : 

In cryptocurrency niche business, bitcoin exchange business has received red carpet from the most redcarpet from the traders and exchangers. Though the main reason that, why bitcoin exchange business have highly appreciated other than bitcoin related business is, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are becoming topmost currencies in the upcoming world when compared to the fiat currencies. 

As a result, exchanging and trading would be the most common activity, and starting as a bitcoin exchange business, will be the easier chance for getting success in your prof

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How to build a scalable customer support strategy

The pivotal role of tech

Technology holds such an important place in our businesses now. We only have to see the disruption it causes when, for whatever reason, technology lets us down.


As an example, look no further than the case of the public-sector enterprise that had all its systems locked in a ransomware attack. Refusing to pay the attacker meant that the local government authority had to resort to legacy methods. The impact on its operations was severe and it suffered a PR disaster. Across the organization, 5,000 workers returned to working with pencil and paper for one week!


So, if you think about your business, it comes as no surprise that technology is the lynchpin, the pivot around which your customer service and support efforts revolve. But you need to remember, when it comes to support, the customer information that you need so you can deliver service is now more than just about a database record containing a customer’s contact details.

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Liferay Development

Benefits For Your Business With Our Liferay Solutions

We connect your functioning software with a leading provider of portal solutions. Liferay development services are at our clients’ service to get the most out of perfect corporate collaboration. Liferay Community and Enterprise Editions can be matched with any company infrastructure not requiring extra costs for servers, hardware equipment, and databases.

With Liferay development company Aimprosoft a unique custom product becomes available blending valuable Open Source solutions on the one hand and power of enterprise solutions from another.

Due to the flexibility of development platform our Liferay developers can customize a portal meeting your specific requirements both changing existed functionality and creating new solutions on its basis.

More about liferay development.

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Oracle DBA training Institute in Ameerpet


RR Technosoft is one of the best ORACLE DBA training institute in Ameerpet,Hyderabad.We provide the best training for ORACLE DBAwith an experienced faculty with course material and 24*7 lab facility.

As we know DBA means the Database Administration.This course is mainly based on the RDBMS(Relational Database Management System).This will finally help you to become an oracle DB administrator.We should have good problem solving and analytical skills,also we must have the organisational skills.Here we provide the online oracle database training.Oracle consists of various software mechanisms to achieve maximized data concurrency, high performance for maximum productivity for multi users in database environment.

The Oracle grid architecture pools large numbers of servers, storage, and networks into a flexible, on-demand computing resource for enterprise computing needs. The grid computing infrastructure continually analyzes demand for resources and adjusts supply accordinglyFor example,

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Software Development in Unify Technologies

by pinguinosoftware3 months ago

Many times you might need to use an introduction for yourself that will help you receive a work opportunity or help you in your search. Without the presence of computer ethics, the work generated by the intellect of a single person is easily copied and plagiarized by somebody else. Before you start out with a mobile application engineer, you should decide the type of gathering of men and women you want to concentrate at.

There's no need to pay any royalty or any sort of fees for the exact same. If your business is worried about having sufficient inventory available or if it's just concerned about controlling its inventory pinguino software against theft or abuse, it may be time for you to put money into a warehouse computer software package. You will have to get in touch with your credit card company directly to notify them if you're disputing unauthorized charges from scammers on your card or whether you suspect your charge card number was compromised.

By compiling customer sales

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Start Your Own ICO Platform/Website Very Fast With Our ICO Script

Start Your Own ICO website /script very fast with our ICO Script:

ICOs, or initial coin offerings, are becoming increasingly more popular, creating a multi-billion-dollar market. so everyone easy to understand thenafter launch ico. 

ICO is a way for cryptocurrency development firm to reach large number of investor (people) by raising a certain amount of money in the interest to grow and expand the company.

Launch your own ICO and raise millions using crowdfunding, we help companies to launch their own ICO Successfully within 2 weeks.

We are leading best ICO development services company in India specializes in roadmap strategy, whitepaper and smart contract and ICO launch services.

Get an expert opinion to develop ICO website

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