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Local Citation Expert Ashikur Rahman

Fiverr Profile: https://www.fiverr.com/ashikrahman42

Google map Citations: https://www.fiverr.com/ashikrahman42/do-local-listings-with-1000-google-map-citations

Local Citations For Any Country: https://www.fiverr.com/ashikrahman42/do-100-top-live-local-citations-for-any-country

USA Citations: https://www.fiverr.com/ashikrahman42/do-top-live-200-usa-local-citations

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This is Ashikur Rahman. I am Expert In Local Citation. I am Related With This about 3 Years.

My Expertise are:- Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, back Links, Local Citations, Link Buildeng

For any Country Like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany China, Spain, India, Overall for any Country. For 1 Company We can Create not Only 30,50 or 100 Bot Also we can Do upto 500 Links.


Why you choose my service:


Ranking in Search Engine Results.

Your Business address show up in Google Maps

Nap Citations.


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What is behind this new social network

Social networks continue to evolve and even appearing new ones like Peach or the great novelty, It. It is important to start by emphasizing that this is not really a What is behind this new social network, since it was launched in beta mode in mid-2014. Since then the social network that was still in diapers, has gone from a basically minimalist design in black and white to acquire an aspect more similar to Pinterest than any other social network.

Like many of the “new” social networks, aspires to be a substitute or at least a tough competitor of Facebook, although from the outset they said that it would not sell or provide the data of its users to third parties, or bombard them with advertising.

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Advertising on social networks: what it is, advantages and benefits

Within digital marketing plans,  advertising on social networks or Social Ads is one of the most powerful resources to achieve our business results. Nowadays, this advertising solution adapts to all types of companies, budgets and needs.

In addition, it is an upward trend: according to a study conducted by BI Intelligence with EE data. UU., The companies of this country will double the investment in ads of social networks between 2016 and 2021, going from 15,500 million dollars to more than 30,000.

If you want to include social media advertising in your online marketingarsenal , do not miss this article! Let’s talk about what Social Ads are, what are their advantages and how to implement them successfully.

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What Is Social Media?

by prinetnow122 days ago

Social media is for many becoming part of everyday life. It is a good place to see news updates, connect with friends, complain about a product or promote a product. It is good for building profiles, talking about issues and running campaigns. The other difference is that it provides a voice for people to the world that was once only available through the media. This is perhaps is the biggest innovation of social media. This of course comes with risks where it makes it easier to promote negative movements or views. 

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Top Citation Expert Ashikur Rahman

Fiverr Profile: https://www.fiverr.com/ashikurrahman58

Citation Gig 1: https://www.fiverr.com/ashikurrahman58/do-100-citations-for-any-country

Citation Gig 2: https://www.fiverr.com/ashikurrahman58/do-200-high-pr-citations-for-usa-uk-canada-germany-overall-for-all-country

Social Gig 1: https://www.fiverr.com/ashikurrahman58/do-top-100-social-site-for-your-business

Social Gig 2: https://www.fiverr.com/ashikurrahman58/do-200-top-social-site-for-your-business

This is Ashikur Rahman. I am Expert In Local Citation. I am Related With This about 3 Years.My Expertise are:- Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, back Links, Local Citations

I am Highly expert. I Have a Team and have 10 members. But i am new in Fiverr. I have A Big brother. He work In Fiverr. He take work and i complete these work with My Team.Over 3 Years i am Related with my brother. I am fully Expert Without any doubt. Because i am doing Social Bookmarking, Directory/Citations Submission.You can believe Me. Because yo

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How To Become a Successful Social Media Marketer

Social Media Marketing is trusted by over 92% of marketers as it could speak to the choosing minute their business, out of which it has provoked augmentation in surge hour gridlock of 80% of their locales, as demonstrated by a survey by HubSpot.

From the moment you look for after it as your livelihood, best social media marketing course in Delhi at TGC is an especially asking for the field. Since it is up 'til now creating, there is a huge enthusiasm for marketers. In any case, there is moreover no nonattendance of specialists hunting down business. Here are the things you need to consider to make a work in this creating field. However, to begin with, we should discuss ordinary dreams in social media marketing.

Social media marketing is no best in class science — It shows up a decent to beat all. In any case, it needs a lot of creativity, though, and industriousness to succeed.

There is no start point — Social media marketing isn't something you can advance through. In any case, you

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How To Link Your Mobile Number With Aadhaar Card

by aadharcard866411 months ago

Five years after the first petition was filed challenging the validity of Aadhaar, a Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra will begin hearing the petitions against Aadhaar. In August, a nine-judge Constitution Bench headed by then Chief Justice of India JS Khehar had ruled that privacy was a fundamental right guaranteed under the Constitution.

Now the government has to convince the Supreme Court that forcing citizens to give a sample of their fingerprints and  ..

If the court gives a go-ahead to the mandatory linkages of Aadhaar, it will become the most important identity proof for an Indian, the one number that opens all the government doors.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has refuted a report by The Tribune newspaper that claimed to have gained access to the entire Aadhaar card download by name database for just Rs 500.

As per a report in The Tribune, a WhatsApp group sold all Aadhaar data available with UIDAI for a meager sum of R

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Top 5 Tips you must know for successful Social Media Marketing

If you like to improve your social media marketing then here we have shared best social media marketing tips for you to follow in 2018. Let’s have a look on it.

successful Social Media Marketing tips

Best Social Media Marketing Tips for 2018 1. Do a social media audit of your social media presence:

Before creating a new social media profile, perform an audit of your social media presence. The result of the audit can help you assess the landscape to find out what customers, influencers, partners and employees are participating in social media web. Here you will find the tips on how to increase social media traffic.

2. Post Content Consistently

Sending out one Tweet per day just isn’t going to cut it. Certain platforms like Instagram and Snapchat don’t necessarily move as fast as Twitter or Facebook.  You can use best WordPress plugins to share post on social media automatically.

3. Build Communities Around Actionable Hashtags

Despite what some experts would have us believe, hashtags are alive and well on social medi

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