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Social Media

10 Ways to Reach Your Customers on Social Media in Dubai UAE

Social media has swept globe like a sandstorm. There are many users who are active and are showing their availability. From the year 2014, UAE experienced the phenomenal increase in the growth of the active accounts.

It is considered being the one of the best and easiest ways for the business owners to introduce the products and the services to the targeted audience via social media. The strategies and the techniques should be applied and require the outside the box thinking. The social media expand your services globally among clients.

There are the following ways that are going to help you in increasing your clients, customers, sales and revenue by simply put out your excellent content. Through this, you are able to sell your products and services to the clients.

Here are the few tips that will help you to reach the customers on social media marketing.

1. Select the Right Social Media Channel for Marketing

There are many social media marketing services deliver by the social me

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Top Ways of Adding Social Media to Web Design to Give More Punch to Your Digital Marketing

web design

Across virtually all industries marketers are witnessing a drop in the number of visitors to the business website as an increasing number of customers are meeting their information demands from the social media. Thanks to the number of social media users globally crossing 3.2 billion, as mentioned by https://hootsuite.com, an increasing number of customers are getting to know of the products and services from social media and also using it to participate in promotions, give their feedback, seek customer service, and voice their opinions. However, the website is not dead as yet; if you want your e-commerce site to thrive, there are some lessons that can be learned from the social media and integration of web design and social media can be done for the best impact. Some tips:

Inform Customers about Your Social Media Presence

It is very important that visitors to your website are informed about the various social media platforms you can also be found on so that they can follow your b

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Ultimate Guide on Hiring An Expert Weddings Photographer Near Me

Top 4 benefits of hiring a professional weddings photographer nearby

If you’re getting married and you did your research about it, for example choosing the venue as well the caterer to engage not to mention the cake to order and the dresses, centrepieces according to plan. The only thing left is a professional weddings photographer near me service to hire. With the help of that guy, you’ll get to cherish the moments by looking at the pictures he will capture for you. As an option, you could go for a family or friends’ amateur photography. As he is willing to do it free for you, to save some substantial money. Guest Post available ...

In that scenario, a question arises why you’re not going with an expert wedding’s photographer near you? Is there any advantages to having an expert photographer at your wedding as these benefits can outweigh the little money, you’ll save from your budget to get picture capture by your friend for free. Moreover, as these capture moments are for a lifetim

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Some important benefits of Social Networking Script every business need to know

In the past few years, the advent of the internet has changed the dynamics of how people engage themselves in the world. Social Network Script has revolutionized the way people connect themselves to others. Basically, social networking uses internet-based platforms to make connections with friends, family, clients, customers, and many more. The platform can be used for expanding your reach for business as well as personal use.

Some important benefits of Social Networking Script every business need to know

Sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc are of great use to marketers who are seeking engagement from users. They use such platforms for brand recognition as well as loyalty while making his company readily accessible to those who are interested. Let us get into the depths of the benefits provided by social media clone script.  

Benefits of using social network script for your business
  1. Brand Building
  2. Better customer service
  3. Content promotion
  4. Advertising your brand
  5. Recruitment of employees
  6. Research and development

Online social networking has

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Social media Trends you Must follow in 2019


Social media trends change every year. In 2019 social media trends will focus more on building trust and improving user value. To become an influencer in social media networks, it is necessary to make confidence and follow the latest social media trends.

Here are the popular social media trends that you must follow to boost your business and branding in 2019.

Community building:

Community building is the key to become famous and build trust on social media networks such as Facebook. You can use Facebook groups, pages and influencers to share the posts or news about your business updates. This will help to boost participation, and your brand will attract new customers.

Be Authentic:

In 2019, you need to share authentic content to build trust. You need to make sure that your posts share the real-time content to help others or engage others.

Video Marketing:

Video Marketing is the key to build trust and boost engagement. In 2019, social networks will focus more on video marketing

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Is Instagram Marketing Good For Your Business?

If you own a business, you have probably wondered whether Instagram marketing is a good way to reach your customers or not? Instagram can be a great tool for reaching customers if you set yourself up for success.While many digital marketing agency believers that there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to social media marketing, there are a few general rules of thumb that you can use to decide if Instagram is a good fit for your business.

1. Share to Other Accounts

Connect your Instagram account to your other social media accounts, especially Facebook. Since Instagram is a heavily visual social media platform and pictures and short videos are all that users are allowed to post on it, it’s helpful to spread those images and videos to your other accounts. Instagram even makes it easy to select which other social media platforms you’d like to share your post with when you create a new one on Instagram.

2. Use Hashtags Wisely

Instagram users can use certain hashtags to ea

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Study Finds Affiliate Marketers Not Complying With FTC Disclosure Guides

The Federal Trade Commission is not shy when it comes to ensuring that  influeners clearly and conspicuously disclose their relationships to brands when promoting or endorsing products through social media. 

The FTC’s Endorsement Guides state that if there is a “material connection” between an endorser and an advertiser, the connection shoudl be prominently disclosed.  A material connection is a connection that might affect the weight or credibility that consumers give the endorsement.  Material connections can include, without limitation, a business or family relationship, monetary payment or the gift of a free product.

Recently, the FTC has provided addtional guidance to marketers with respect to specific platorms.  For example, recent warning letters addressed points specific to Instagram posts.  Consumers viewing Instagram posts on mobile devices typically see only the first three lines of a longer post unless they click “more,” which many may not do.  The warning  staff’s letter

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Tips for hiring a content marketing agency

Hiring a content marketing agency is not easy- especially now when there are so many of them. Start ups and small businesses especially are likely to get confused.


The ONE TIP that will reflect the nature of the marketing agency: Transparency: They will tell you exactly what you are going to get, and will not promise you millions of clicks within two days. This means they know they field well, they follow ethical means, they will not fleece you and they are looking for long-term methods of building your brand reputation and promoting it. If the agency says they will get you a million clicks within 24 hours, chances are they will engage in unethical tactics and leave you in the lurch after collecting the money. They will damage your reputation, and their tactics will ultimately lead to your website to be shutdown. Do not engage with agencies like these.  


Here are a few things clients should keep in mind when looking for a good content marketing agency:


  1. Versatility: Look f
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Role of AI in Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is a field in which many experiments are happening about integration of AI. There are AI software and tools for designing purposes. Eg: firedrop.ai, Google Autodraw, Artisto, etc

Many websites use AI for designing webpages, content templates, editing pictures and graphics. Vox.com generates page templates like that. The Microsoft AI drawing bot creates images from provided descriptions. NVIDIA also claims that AI techniques can restore damaged/corrupt images. So, we can see that AI tools can help designers in a lot of ways.

Designers must learn how to work with AI tools to enrich their craft and how to engage their viewers in new ways.


  • Fast
  • Interactive designing and art possible
  • Artists can give instructions and map a concept which AI can execute, thus giving them more time
  • With practice, AI can learn and become more intuitive and improve quality of work



  • AI can’t be creative or set context to art like humans, so need guidance
  • AI dependen
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Digitalization has transformed the way of marketing and every company is embracing digital marketing techniques to show their influential online presence. Here are the few reasons that encourage you to utilize Digital marketing as a primary source of marketing and advertisement.

 If you want to expand your brand, crank up your sales, and grow up your business then you must invest your capital into digital marketing to make it happen. In order to get a good brand presence, your business should be visible in the online world. Why? Because your potential customer has moved online where they are actively searching for product and services.

 According to the latest data, about 90% of the potential customer utilize search engine frequently. This explains why about 90% of the businesses rank SEO highest with growing importance as a source of leads.

 In the recent, the local search has been cranked up to a staggering figure of 300% which is quite a significant improvement over 4 billion in

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