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Smart TV

Leading Apple TV Development Service Provider - 4 Way Technologies

4 Way Technologies is an  Apple TV Development Service Provider Company which is located in the USA, UK & Australia which develops topmost apps for Apple smart TV, Apple TV App Development, We have experienced Apple TV Developer which designs and develops apps for all platforms for Samsung TV, chromecast TV, Roku TV, LG TV, Apple TV, and Amazon TV etc applications for all the clients. So for more info, you can mail it to us and can also meet with us in the state of Colorado and other countries including USA, UK & Australia.





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Smart TVs: The Future in a nutshell

by jitenderseo19 months ago

Televisions have been around for a long time now; it has been nearly a century since it was first invented. Today they have become sleekly and slimly constructed devices which are wide and flat yet, contain almost no depth and be set up on a wall. With display technology peaking in its current form, resolutions are staggeringly high and they provide crystal clear images, which may sometimes seem larger than life.

As technology progresses and the impact of the internet of things is taking over our daily appliances, televisions are not far behind. The current generation of smart TVs has inbuilt Wi-Fi and processors which allow it to connect to the internet and stream and consume one’s favourite content. This has led to a huge decline in the usage of cable networks, and their usage is only restricted for sports or news. Smart TVs are all the rage in India and as competition toughens, the prices also drop, thus making the devices significantly more affordable. Some of the most innovative

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