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NHAI to Soon Introduce Road Ranking for Safety and Better Mobility

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is set to introduce road rankings periodically on numerous parameters such as safety management and ease of mobility. The aim is to provide safer and mobile roadways to the commuters of the country. The marquee projects of Delhi-Vadodara, Agra-Mumbai and Mumbai-Kolkata economic corridors will go through a process of audit and once the success rate is determined and defined, the same process will be extended to other highway projects.

According to various sector experts, this ranking procedure is in line with global operating practices. Expressways will be ranked based on their performance in areas of safety, accident response management, seamless mobility, and wayside amenities. However, one thing which is still not certain is whether the ranking will be done by the National Highways Authority of India or an external consulting organisation.

Talking of global practices,the European Road Assessment Program (EuroRAP) was introduced in fou

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NHAI Initiates Smart Traffic Monitoring on Roads & Highways

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) launches smart traffic management system on national highways. The initiative is a part of Incident Management System (IMS) project, which falls under Bharatmala Pariyojana. Enabling the IMS in tracking and monitoring the highways will ease traffic flow.

The National Highways Authority of India has taken up the charge of installing the surveillance system on ten national highways initially. Later, if it works out, the autonomous agency will install the mechanism across all the other national highways and Toll gates in the country. The beginning phases of the project are projected to be completed in 6 months from the time of initiation.

The new surveillance system, which has a built-in low-latency Internet Protocol (IP) camera, will curate data on the traffic at Toll gates.  The system communicates directly to the command centre in a Regional Office (RO) in the corresponding highway area. Each 30 minutes, the IP cameras will transmit tim

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NHAI to Branch Out into Realty Development to Raise Resources for Bharatmala Programme

The National Highways Authority of India is planning on engaging in real estate development plans in order to pay their way for their ambitious Bharatmala highway projects. The organisation is planning on leveraging the extending demands and rise in the land prices following the construction of the much-coveted roads and national highways. It was the private developers to date who churned profits from this land price escalation. The same is now going to be acquired by NHAI itself.

National Highways Authority of India is going to ask the state government around the country to acquire the land parcels alongside the project lands which will then be either developed or auctioned by them to raise funds for the Rs. 5.97 trillion Bharatmala project. These planning’s were initiated owing to the immediate need for funding amounting to Rs. 1.5 trillion in this financial year for the construction of roads and highways around the country.

In a recently issues statement, an NHAI official claimed

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NHAI Signs their First TOT Pact with Australian Organisation Macquarie

The National Highways Authority of India signed their very first toll operate transfer concession agreement on April 27th 2018 with the Australian company, Macquarie. They signed the pact with the organisation for road projects under the highway monetisation drive. Under this signed agreement, all the rights for toll tax collection across nine of the primary national highways in India will be with Macquarie Group.

In a recently issued statement, an National Highways Authority of India official stated that this agreement is one of the highest budgeting projects amounting to USD 1.5 billion for the first bundle of highway projects. This signed project is under the agreement that Macquarie will have all the rights of the toll tax payments handed over to them only with the upfront payment of Rs. 10,500 crore to the NHAI fund. Irrespective of the expected amount to be just about Rs. 6,000 crore, the bidding was raised for Rs. 9,681 crore. The total expenditure will cumulatively amount to R

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How NHAI is Building a Smart India for the Future

The beginning of 2018 has been monumental for India as the Central government, along with the India Inc., flagged off its largest campaign yet to modernise the nation’s public sector. The mammoth enterprise – lead by a powerful coalition of public and private establishments – involves, among other measures, the integration of advanced technology and revised policies in the sector.

Roads & Highways is one such sector that is undergoing the rapid transformation in infrastructure and administration due to the public-private synergy. And the National Highways Authority of India an autonomous highways wing of the Government of India, has been instrumental in this transformation.

The NHAI is at the helm of various cluster projects initiated by the Union government to develop highway infrastructure, some of which include Wayside Amenities, Electronic Toll Collection, GPS Tolling, Advanced Traffic Management System, Roads & Assets Management System, drones for highways, and Sukhad Yatra mobi

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NHAI Initiates Six-Lane Satellite Tolled Road to Ease Traffic on Bengaluru ORR

India has one of the largest road networks in the world. However, most of its regional roads are still unpaved. The national highways or state highways, which are 2% and 5% of the total road length, are carrying about 75% of traffic respectively. The modal shares of freight and passenger road transportation have been greatly increased after the year 2000. Therefore, strengthening of road networks is a very important issue for the economic growth of India.

National Highway Authority of India executes its work on the six-lane satellite tolled road which connects the urban area of Bengaluru city with the Hosur region of Tamilnadu. This initiative is also under Bharatmala Project and will also reduce the traffic congestion on the Outer Ring Road. The road will connect the regions of – Dobbspet (Tumakuru road), Devanahalli (Hyderabad road), Doddaballapur (Hindupur road), Hosakote (Kolar road), Anekal (Thali road), Kanakapura (Kollegal road), Hosur (Chennai road), Ramanagara (Mysuru road),

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Lane-Kilometer – A New Concept to Measure Highways Introduce by NHAI & MORTH

Lane-Kilometer – A New Concept to Measure Highways Introduce by NHAI & MORTH

 Increasing traffic flow has forced the highway authority of India to increase the number of lane of highways in order to provide good manoeuvring facilities to the users. To analyse the level of service of various types of highway facilities, the important parameter is Free-flow speed.  It is the speed at which drivers feel comfortable to travel under the physical, environmental and traffic conditions existing on an uncongested section of multilane highway.

So for the Modi Government, highway construction has been a priority. In the fiscal year of the 2017-18 highway construction industry hits 20% growth over the previous fiscal year but yet not able to hit the scorching pace of the government’s target. In the recent years, the highway construction rate is approximately 6,234km/year. To calculate the actual growth of the highway construction industry, traditional linear length method is time-consuming.


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A Four-Lane Flyover by NHAI Ensures A Hassle-Free Connectivity in Thiruvananthapuram

The increase in urban traffic congestion has become a serious concern to transportation professionals. Therefore, efforts have been made by researchers for obtaining the rational quantification of congestion and formulating appropriate measures for mitigation of congestion for urban roads. The potential sources of acute traffic congestion especially during peak hours are a large number of intersections at close proximity in an urban road network.

Attempts have been made by researchers to improve traffic operations at urban intersections. However, the scope of widening the existing roads is very limited in urban areas. In order to reduce the collisions on the roads and to provide a relief to mixed traffic, the flyovers are planned at major intersections in the congested cities of India to distribute the traffic in two levels.

Flyovers at major urban intersections can be helpful in reducing traffic congestion and delay.  So to ensure the hassle-free connectivity to Thiruvananthapuram i

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NHAI Grants Highway Projects worth Rs 4,494 Crores in Telangana

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), under an ambitious umbrella initiative called Bharatmala Pariyojna, has awarded four road projects entailing a budget of Rs 4,493.57 crores to industries in Telangana. The centre’s autonomous highway agency issued a Letter of Award (LOA) for constructing 188.15 km of national highways on EPC (engineering, procurement and construction).

The project is planned to be developed on the Hybrid Annuity Model (HAM) of Bharatmala, which will subsume all highway projects by increasing NH connectivity by 77 percent. Under Bharatmala, the National Highways Authority of India is planning to construct 44 economic corridors by increasing the NC corridor count from 5 to 50.

The Bharatmala project will connect 550 districts, more than the current 330 districts. And in order to shoulder the development of roads and highways in the Southern regions, the NHAI awarded four road projects worth Rs 4,494 crores, according to the NHAI. The projects will stretc

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NHAI to Launch Ranking System for Toll Plazas

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), in a bid to enhance toll-gate maintenance and operations in the country, will soon launch a ranking system at all Toll booths. This initiative will bring to appraise the authorities on issues in tolling operations. The system has been proposed for more than 300 toll gantries.

Using the system, the NHAI will rank the Toll gates based on cleanliness, staff work, and the availability of emergency facilities and basic amenities at Toll plazas. The ranking system will identify loopholes in Toll booth operations and help the NHAI improve it.

The National Highways Authority of India intends to publish on its website the names of three Toll gates that ranked the highest among others. By creating healthy competition between plazas, the NHAI’s ranking system will encourage Toll administrators to provide best services to highway users.

In a similar initiative, the NHAI recently introduced Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) at several toll gates to

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