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Devops Training in Bangalore

by anushri3 months ago

Devops Training in Bangalore

Besant Technologies entails a direct responsibility for the trainees. The company will understand more about one’s own capacity and weaknesses and based on these our technology will deal the trainees. We know our goals. To achieve our goals i.e.) giving training in all the supplementary courses related to software field to the needy people in a clear way without any doubts by using latest technologies structures, systems and procedures available with us.

mWe will share employment opportunists to all the trainees. From the past couple of years we are maintaining the placement record by 85%. So, judge yourself and join with Besant Technologies for your future course of life.


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Liferay Development

Benefits For Your Business With Our Liferay Solutions

We connect your functioning software with a leading provider of portal solutions. Liferay development services are at our clients’ service to get the most out of perfect corporate collaboration. Liferay Community and Enterprise Editions can be matched with any company infrastructure not requiring extra costs for servers, hardware equipment, and databases.

With Liferay development company Aimprosoft a unique custom product becomes available blending valuable Open Source solutions on the one hand and power of enterprise solutions from another.

Due to the flexibility of development platform our Liferay developers can customize a portal meeting your specific requirements both changing existed functionality and creating new solutions on its basis.

More about liferay development.

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Online Data Science Training by Experts Register Now..

The Course goes with the aim to understand key concepts about the fundamentals of data science, Data acquisition and Machine learning algorithms. In this training course, you gain the knowledge tools and techniques of Experimentation, Evaluation and Project Deployment, Data collection and data mining.

Course Features:

30 Hrs of intructor led trainingLifetime access to recorded sessionsCertification pass guaranteedReal world use-casesCertified Trainers24*7 Support

About MindMajix Technologies

MindMajix is the globally professional in IT courses training which emphasizes on hands-on experience with examples from real-time scenarios by experts. It is the largest provider of high-quality online training courses. It is conceptualized and initiated by several multidisciplinary and ingenious software technocrats having a combined experience of more than 10 yrs in the industry.

Mindmajix Data Science training makes you an expert in building the applications by leveraging capabilities of D

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Alfresco Development

Know more about alfresco development services.

Benefits For Your Business With Our Alfresco Solutions

It may be no compromises when it comes to feeding your business with feasible document management solutions. An Alfresco-based enterprise suite of services is perfect for businessmen who hunger for a smart and modern software authorized to arrange multi-level corporate content. Alfresco services comprise a range of activities with Alfresco development at its core.

Aimprosoft Alfresco developers will undertake it. You will harvest a top-level restructured and organized content ready to accelerate your critical key points of collaboration extremely.

ECM and BPM symbiosis powered by Alfresco solutions is an excellent chance to kick into gear the internal collaboration of distributed teams improving the business tremendously. Our Alfresco consulting services help to get much mileage from Alfresco development even of most challenging custom solutions.

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How to Delete Directory Using PHP

by infokita1 year ago

How to delete directory using php - To delete the directory used function rmdir (). This function can only be used to remove empty directories. For the directory containing the files should be deleted all the files in it, then deleted the empty directory. How to write function rmdir () rmdir (name, context) In order to better understand, the following I give examples of programs to remove the directory.

Program File Name: file10.php Description: The program deletes the directory. Open notepad, then type the following php code. <?php //create a directory$dir = "include";  //directory name$cek = mkdir ($dir); if ($cek) {  echo "Direktori <b>$dir</b> Successfully created";    } else {    echo "Direktori <b>$dir</b> Failed to create";    } //delete directory $del = rmdir ($dir); if ($del) {  echo "<br>Direktori <b>$dir</b> Successfully deleted";    } else {  echo "<br>Direktori <b>$dir</b> Failed to delete";   } ?>

How to Delete Directory Using PHP

Save the php code with file10.php name in htdocs folder. Program Expla

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Create and Open File PHP

by infokita1 year ago

Create and open file php - In file and directory management, PHP provides more than 70 functions. Some of the main functions associated with file management (create, write, append, and delete), include:

  • Opening and Creating Files
  • Write to File
  • Reading the contents of the file
  • Closes File

Which I will discuss in this article is to create and open files in php, for others I will discuss in the next article. Opening and Creating Files fopen ($namafile, $mode);

Information : $filename is the name of the file to be created, while $mode is the file access mode. Access mode files that can be used are:




Just to read the file, the pointer is at the beginning of the file


To read and write files, the pointer is at the beginning of the file


Just to write the file, the contents of the old file is deleted, if the file does not exist then Will be created


To read and write files, the contents of

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What web designers can learn from web developers

Mostly designers keep distance from development process of product. They tend to focus only on visual elements of the design. They play only with color, layout, spacing. All Designers want their creations to be as visually looking cool and good as possible, because they know this feeds directly into the overall quality of user experience and feelings.

Designing is more than ‘making it pretty’.

In fact, every efforts and money you spent in user experience (UX) can convert into growth income for your business. UX is more crucial part of website design – and not just from the user’s side.

That’s why, a web designer should learn from web developers to get some ideas. Next time when you start your next design take some time to focus on the following elements, and you will build a web people want to love to visit and use.

Provide Security;

Sometime websites need visitor’s personal information if you are also asking your visitors to share their personal information, they must be sure th

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