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Private Venue Chapel Street

Engagement Venue Prahran – planning an engagement party.

The most exciting and memorable moment of any relationship is when the man finally decides to pop the big quest… “Will you be my wife?”, “Will you marry me” and much more. And in case the woman answers with a yes then he will be able to slip the ring on her ring finger and they become officially engaged. 

Prepare the budget for the whole party.

This is a consideration for any aspect of life that requires an expenditure, it does not matter whether it is a party or not. Therefore, before you do anything during an event organization process you need to first of all plan of the budget. This budget should be set aside for the event and the event alone. 

Choose a date for the event.

When choosing a date for the for an engagement party, you need to consider a date that is convenient to the couple in question and the guests to be invited to the party. The couple should be given be given the opportunity to choose the date on their own since the party is theirs.

Pick the venue for the party

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