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Popular Nigerian Entrepreneurs

Mahmood Ahmadu, A Successful Technological Entrepreneur And The Founder Of OIS

Founder and Executive Chairman of Online Integrated Solutions Ltd, Mr. Mahmood Ahmadu was born on the 9th of September 1966 in Nigeria. After earning a UK accredited MBA from Nasarawa University he set off to use his skills and knowledge to start his own businesses which traded with various services and products. Mahmood Ahmadu also acquired additional education which came in the form of numerous managements such as communication industry course and IT. He is passionate to give back to the society and he strongly believes that Corporate Social Responsibility should be embedded in our faith and culture for the betterment of the community.

After his first successful start in building a company called A2A with the substantial inheritance his father left, Mahmood became a superstar amongst the early pioneers in the field of GSM in northern Nigeria. Over the next few years, Mahmood Ahmadu leveraged his success to expand his business both locally and internationally. He further managed to b

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