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Payroll Services

Payroll Tax - calculate payroll withholding and employment taxes

When you hear someone speak of payroll tax, they could be referring to any number of employment taxes that businesses are required to pay or withhold from employee paychecks. Unless an employee claims on his or her W-4 to be exempt from withholding, employers are required to withhold both federal and state income taxes from each paycheck.  These are remitted periodically, the frequency of which depends on the size of your payroll.  In addition, employers withhold the employee portion of Social Security and Medicare taxes, which they match with an equal amount from their own funds when they remit these to the government. Federal unemployment tax is paid annually out of the employer's own funds.


Most employers use the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) to deposit their payroll taxes.  You have the option of using the online or telephone system for making deposits. Reporting of employment taxes is done quarterly on form 941, Employer's Quarterly Fede

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R R Accountants Services – Overviews




R R Accountants LTD is a UK based accountants services providers that provides local small/medium businesses, sole traders and individuals advice and services in the areas detailed below.

  • Accountancy services
  • Administration services
  • Management Services
  • Credit Control
  • Payroll and CIS Services
  • Company set up and IR/VAT Registration
  • Office system set ups
  • Software Training

The services provided will be affordable, reliable and will aim to ease the administrative and financial burden to clients. All clients will be dealt with in a courteous and effective way.

  1. Accountancy Services in Birmingham

(a) Bookkeeping Services – the regular upkeep and production of accounting records, including invoice production, bill payments, reconciliations and on-going queries etc.

(b) Monthly and yearly financial and management accounts – accounts can be produced based on your specific needs and will present an accurate reflection of your business at any given time.

(c) VAT returns

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How A Top Umbrella Company Can Help The Contractors

When you're working as a independent contractor, you must learn about umbrella firms. Many contractors do not look at the potential benefits of working through umbrella corporations and keep working without these corporations. However, this isn't the correct way to go about it.

Contractors will have Problems managing contractor tax and using contractor tax calculators. Additionally, they won't enjoy benefits like contractor annuities and other work rights. A good umbrella company will always help you with administrative and managerial issues. The contractors won't have to hire anyone or do anything else about their managerial issues. The company will also process payroll for contractors. This indicates that the contractors will find it easy to work with help from these corporations.

Contractors will have more time to concentrate on their work instead of stressing about bureaucratic tasks all the times. With a good umbrella company like West Midlands Accountants LTD, you can put all o

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Payroll services for large businesses

It is very difficult for the business owners of large scale to maintain the payroll system as they are always busy with their tough schedule. In the UK there are many people who are providing the services to large-scale companies in terms of handling their payroll system. The payroll system is being managed by different people and also different companies in the UK are taking interest in handling the payroll system of different companies.

Not only this but there many Online Payroll Services are becoming common. The procedure of managing the payroll of any company takes time and it is time-consuming for sure. If you and your accounts staff are not trained so it will take a lot of time to manage the payroll system of a company. The HMRC will not accept any errors in the payroll system.

Today providing the services of full time and Online Payroll Services for Small Business in London is very common and many companies are having the trained professionals who are expert in the field of ac

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