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Shares vs Debentures

by Narendra01011 month ago

Share money forms a part of the capital of the company. The shareholders are part proprietors of the company, whereas debentures are mere debt, and debenture holders are just creditors.

Shareholders get dividend out of profits only and in case of losses they get nothing and debenture holders being creditors get guaranteed interest, as agreed, whether the company makes the profit or not. You can reduce the losses through best MCX free tips available.

The dividend on shares depends upon the profit of the company but the interest on debentures is very well fixed at the time of issue itself.

A company’s shares are not to be paid back by whereas debentures have to be paid back at the end of a certain period.

In case the company is wound up, the shareholders may lose a part or full of their capital but the debenture holders invariably get back their investment.

Investment in shares is riskier, as it represents residual interest in the company. Debenture, being in debt, is sen

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Futures Terminologies

Let us know about some terminologies used while trading in futures. As per the stock tips experts there are numerous rounds of words in future trading, let us know about commonly used words.1. SPOT PRICE: The price at which an asset trades in the spot market.2. FUTURES PRICE: The price at which the futures contract trades in the futures market.3. CONTRACT CYCLE: The period over which a contract trades. The index futures contracts on the NSE have one month, two months and three months expiry cycles that expires on the last Thursday of the month. Thus a contract which is to expire in January will expire on the last Thursday of January.4. CONTRACT SIZE: It is the size of the lots that have to be delivered under one contract. For instance, the contract size on NSE’s futures market is 200 Nifties. MCX commodity tips providers suggest the contract according to your investments.5. BASIS: In the context of financial futures, the basis can be defined as the futures price minus the spot price. E

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