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Activate McAfee Code Online


Activate McAfee Code Online – McAfee is quite a popular name among computer security products. It offers various securityservices to your computer system to keep your data and files safe from unauthorized access aswell as from theft. The web security services offered by McAfee are also proven to be good bythe end users. With time, it has enhanced itself to improve its services. There is a discussionabout the same.

quick clean feature after activating mcafee code online

Quick Clean feature is something that is not found in a basic antivirus software. As per thisfeature, it scans the system for undesired files as junk files, shortcuts and temporary files andthen deletes them all. Also, it clears cookies and such data. Another advanced feature is fileshredder. Recycle bin does not get empty when you do so. The data hangs out until another fileoverwrites it. While using McAfee makes you able to clean the recycle bin completely. Thesewere some of the features where basic McAfee antivir

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