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Personalised Bride and Groom Bathrobes in London


Personalized embroidered bathrobes play a significant role especially in the hotel business as it helps people in the promotion of your business. BATHROBESUK based in London offers a huge collection of bathrobes and we use embroidery method in order to create personalized bathrobes. See More Personalized Embroidered Bathropbes

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6 home staging tips to get your property sold

We all love our homes, and we’ve decorated them in a way that is to our taste. They often express our personality, and passions, and they hold countless memories. Although the time comes when we know its’ time to say goodbye, it still holds a special place in our heart. The difficult part of selling your home is changing how you view your property, from a home to a property for sale.

home staging tipss alexander

To achieve the ‘property for sale’ look we use what are called home staging techniques; follow them, and you increase the chances of your property being SOLD.

Where to begin?

When should you begin preparing your home for sale? The sooner you start, the less stressful it will be. You may not have made the decision to sell yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start to organise your home - just in case.


Your first step is to de-clutter your home. As you look around all the ‘stuff’ you have stored and piled in every room, cupboard, and drawer you may start to get overwhelmed. We always recommen

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Landlord Legislation checklist

As a landlord, it is important to understand that there are numerous pieces of legislation which covers the private rented sector.

Failure to comply with the plethora of legal requirements can create substantial financial and criminal penalties for you along with jeopardising the recovery of a rented property should you ever wish to seek possession.

Ensuring you use you a competent and knowledgeable agent is vital in protecting you and one of your most valuables assets from the consequences of legislation and a much more educated tenant base, who are not shy in seeking compensation with an array of “no win no fee” solicitors in the marketplace.

You will find below a summary of the legal requirements for renting out a property with a link attached should you wish to find out more information on your obligations:

Permission to Let

To be able to legally let out a residential property, you will need to ensure that you have sought the permission of all joint owners, and any relevant mo

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Estate agency boss tips London to remain good investment prospect

London will remain a strong long-term property investment prospect, despite its current wobbles amid uncertainty over Brexit, the chairman of global estate agency Knight Frank has said. 

Many have questioned whether the capital will end up with a diminished role as a global business and financial centre once Britain leaves the EU, with the underlying assumption being that if this is the case any property investments there will consequently be less valuable. 

gordon estate agency

However, Alistair Elliott told the South China Morning Post that rumours of London's death as a property hotspot have been greatly exaggerated. 

He remarked: “The markets have stood up (to Brexit fear) incredibly well. If you roll back the clock two years, people were giving gloomy forecasts; it hasn’t happened. 

"We have the details of Brexit to come [and] I do not believe it will be as aggressive an experience for London real estate markets as people originally thought.”

Chck out here for more information

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5 signs that you’re ready to move home

They are out there, lurking, that strange breed of human that actually enjoys moving home. They live amongst us, briefly settled and always with one eye on the property market. These strange people may seem alien to the average man on the street, but they have a talent for knowing when it is the right time to move. Not all of us have such a gift, but we may have frustrations, not knowing that they are signs showing us that a move is what we need.

What are these signs, and how do you know when it’s time to move home?

  1. Because the market says so

Every paper you pick up is shouting about how it is a sellers’ market, estate agents confirm the media’s rumblings and you’re keen to make a profit. You’ve seen ‘for sale’ boards around your neighbourhood that are quickly turning to ‘sold’ and so the property market is signalling that now is the time to sell.

  1. They got what???

Are you keeping up with the Jones’s? A house on your street may have gone on the market, you can’t believe the

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Space-saving hacks to streamline your home

You've found the perfect flat to rent in central London… but three months in and your rental home is looking more like a car boot sale than the cool, contemporary space you had in mind. We’ve all got loads of stuff, but the trick is to know how to disguise it. Here are some ideas to help you stow those possessions out of sight and return to the clean, minimalist lines you’ve been pining for.

1. Don't dash to declutter

You know you won't do it all in one go, so don't even try. Set aside a specific time each day, or each week, to sort through your possessions. When everything’s finally in place, try to continue with your regular de-cluttering time slot, otherwise the mess will simply build up again.

go and co space-saving-04

2. Decisions, decisions

Decide which room you'll start on, and work from one end to the other, clearing as you go. Use three black bin bags - one for things that you want to keep, one for things that you want to throw away, and another for items you might pass on to friends or donate to

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5 mistakes new tenants make and how to avoid them

You may think you know how to rent but London’s lettings market is fast-paced, competitive and can catch you off guard. Our guide to renting property will help you avoid making basic mistakes, especially if you’re new to renting.

Don’t let lax paperwork let you down

Before you go flat hunting, spend time getting your finances and paperwork in order - that is so that you can make a move as soon as you see a property you like. Some rental applications are delayed or derail because a document wasn’t provided, background checks weren’t passed or the tenant didn’t have enough money. Documents including wage slips, bank statements, utility bills (not mobile phone), photo ID (passport or driving license) should be at hand, and you should have the funds to pay a security deposit and usually one month’s rent in advance. If you need to know the full list of what’s required, message us on Facebook or call the lettings team.

blog- things to avoid

Avoid being scammed

If that flat to rent on Gumtree or Facebook sou

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South London district hints at long-term gains

The district was highlighted by the Daily Telegraph as an attractive proposition as a place to live, in addition to its long-term price growth. According to Knight Frank's data, between January 1995 and September 2017 prices there rose by 1,150 per cent, outstripping the fast-emerging east London hotspots like Hackney.

Such long-term success might not be immediately apparent for a few reasons, only one of which is the high profile of east London emanating from the 2012 Olympics and associated efforts at urban renewal. 

goandco south london

Another factor may be the fact that in recent months, Dulwich has suffered like the rest; Knight Frank's Spring 2017 Residential Review has revealed the district endured a 0.5 per cent dip in prices over the last three months and a 1.5 per cent drop on an annual basis. 

These figures are not unusual, of course. The review showed that only a handful of places, such as Wimbledon and Queen's Park, have seen price growth in the last 12 month, while many have witness lar

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Landlords Guide

You may have a property to let, or be about to take your first steps to becoming a landlord. No matter your experience our letting agents are here to help you achieve more. It’s not just the flexibility of services that we offer that appeals, but more importantly, how we deliver them.

Lettings is all about action and from the moment your property is in our hands we are consistently working to maximise its potential. We take care of the immediate as well as assisting you to plan for the future. Our attention is meticulous, our attitude tenacious, our approach authentic.

We have put this basic 10 step guide together to help ease your property journey and our team at Alexander & Co are always on hand to help answer any questions you have and guide you along the journey.

1. Accurate and up to date valuations

When letting your home one of the first and most important things to do is to obtain an accurate and up to date valuation. The right agent will advise you on the current local prop

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Renting property? Don’t underestimate ‘the tube factor’

London Estate Agent Gordon & Co explore properties to rent or buy for investment in Paddington, Elephant & Castle and London Bridge.

goandco info thumb

Living near a tube station means more opportunity to enjoy your leisure time. According to a recent study, when it comes to job and lifestyle satisfaction a 20 minute increase in commuting time is as bad as a 19 per cent pay cut.

To view the full infographic image click here.

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