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Guide to Selling a House

We’ve been selling property since 1970, and have witnessed incredible changes over the years, continuing to help move generations of the same family.

A property sale isn’t about the bricks and mortar; it’s about people, their hopes and dreams, and their needs. Your reason for selling is unique, as is where you want to be. The estate agent you choose is part of your moving puzzle, and at Alexander & Co we have all the right elements to get you sold and on your way.

We have put this basic 10 step guide together to help ease your property journey and our team at Alexander & Co are always on hand to help answer any questions you have and guide you along the journey.


1. Accurate and up to date valuations

When selling your home one of the first and most important things to do is to obtain an accurate and up to date valuation. The right agent will advise you on the current local property market and deliver an accurate valuation that will ensure your home will sell for the best price pos

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Tenants Guide to Renting Property

Your experience is of great importance to us. From before your first viewing and beyond, we’re on hand to offer advice and support.

At Alexander & Co your concerns are always listened to and actioned. We know that for every property we manage our ability to handle issues will reflect on how you view your tenancy.

We have put this basic 10 step guide together to help ease your property journey and our team at Alexander & Co are always on hand to help answer any questions you have and guide you along the journey.

1. Finding a property

When you start the search for your ideal home you will need to consider your requirements and list down your must have’s and nice to have’s and think about the location, budget, how long you want to live there and when you want to move in by. We recommend starting your search around 8 weeks before you want to move.

The majority of searches will start on line but we recommend speaking to your local Alexander & Co office to discuss your requirements, the

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Best Embroidered Bathrobes in London, UK

by Bathrobesuk2 months ago

Waffle, Terry Toweling & Comfortable personalized bathrobes in London

BATHROBESUK also offers personalized bathrobes in the UK at cheap rates. Personalised bathrobes are beneficial for you If you are running a hotel in order to create a sense of luxury and the best way of doing this is personalized embroidered bathrobes along with embroidery logo on the bathrobe. 

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Guide to Buying a House

Maybe you’re looking to purchase for the first time, relocating, upsizing, downsizing or investing in property with us we can help you find the property that makes you feel at home, and support the entire home buying process. We get rid of the jargon to have clear and transparent conversations, allowing you to make informed decisions swiftly and easily. We have put this basic 10 step guide together to help ease your property journey and our team at Alexander & Co are always on hand to help answer any questions you have and guide you along the journey.

1. Determine your budget

Buying a property is likely to be one of the largest purchases you ever make, so it is important that your calculations are correct from the start and you understand what the real costs of buying a home are. You need to consider your income, savings and which mortgage is right for you. If you are selling a home in order to buy another again it is essential that you arrange an up to date market valuation from a l

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Why buy-to-let is cheaper than ever

Why buy-to-let is cheaper than ever

When it comes to letting property, the news is filled with doom and gloom - landlords selling their portfolios, and news of yet more regulations making letting property trickier. With this in mind, why on earth are we suggesting that now is actually the best time to invest in the buy-to-let market?


In 2015 mortgage tax relief was abolished for landlords as part of the Section 24 Finance Bill, and this will start to have an impact on buy-to-let investors this January. Not only that, the criteria for buy-to-let mortgages were toughened towards the end of 2017. The effect of these changes has made many landlords stop to consider whether investing in property is still viable for them. Recent research from the National Association of Landlords (NLA) noted that 20% of landlords are planning to reduce or sell off their portfolios this year.

buy to let

Our own Mortgage and Protection Director, Mark Collender, stated: “There is a lot of confusion in the

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Young people need more support in rental sector

A series of proposals that could significantly impact on London's rental market have been suggested in a report by the Resolution Foundation aimed at reducing intergenerational unfairness.

The publication, titled A New Generational Contract, offers a range of steps to tackle the wealth gap between generations and much of this focuses on the issue of housing, both in terms of the difficulty faced by young people trying to get on the housing ladder and the challenges they face in the rental sector. 

A key proposal that could boost the supply of rental housing is for build-to-rent developments to be made exempt from stamp duty. This measure would have a major impact on areas where build-to-rent is well established, such as London and the north west, as well as aiding its growth on other parts of Britain. 


rental sector


Other measures are designed to make life easier for renters, not least when it comes to the security of tenure - with all tenancies being made of indefinite length as they now

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The Dos and Don’ts of adding value to your property

The Dos and Don’ts of adding value to your property

Let’s face it, homes are a work in progress; there is always something we want to do or change. Even when we think we have finished, after a few years the impulse is there to revamp or reconfigure to suit our changing tastes and needs. It is natural to want to find ways to add value to your home, so before you start knocking down walls or building an extension, be aware that not all improvements add value.

Don’t believe any improvements add value

Before you jump into the improvements, you need to understand the market and where your home sits within it. There may be a ceiling price that a person will be prepared to pay for a property in your area, so it is always good to do your research to ensure any changes you make will add value to your property.

Sadly, sometimes even the most impressive improvements will not translate to a reciprocal increase in the value of your home. Ask an estate agent their opinion before you start, they

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A new north-south divide in rental property?

For decades, people have talked about a north-south divide, with London and the south-east being established as the engine room of the UK economy and the Midlands and north suffering a decline as old industries slipped away. Inevitably, such trends have impacted in the property sector. 

This may appear to be particularly true after the publication of the latest Hamptons International Monthly Lettings Index, which has shown that although rents have risen by 1.9 per cent on average across the UK, there is significant regional variation; in the north they were down by 0.3 per cent and in Scotland they plunged by 5.3 per cent. 

go and co south

By contrast, London, the south-east and south-west, the Midlands and Wales all saw increases, while the East of England witnessed the largest rise at 3.6 per cent. London's 2.7 per cent increase represented a recovery from last year's two per cent fall. 

All this might suggest that the south remains the main place for rental investors to go and most of the nort

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Personalised Bride and Groom Bathrobes in London


Personalized embroidered bathrobes play a significant role especially in the hotel business as it helps people in the promotion of your business. BATHROBESUK based in London offers a huge collection of bathrobes and we use embroidery method in order to create personalized bathrobes. See More Personalized Embroidered Bathropbes

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6 home staging tips to get your property sold

We all love our homes, and we’ve decorated them in a way that is to our taste. They often express our personality, and passions, and they hold countless memories. Although the time comes when we know its’ time to say goodbye, it still holds a special place in our heart. The difficult part of selling your home is changing how you view your property, from a home to a property for sale.

home staging tipss alexander

To achieve the ‘property for sale’ look we use what are called home staging techniques; follow them, and you increase the chances of your property being SOLD.

Where to begin?

When should you begin preparing your home for sale? The sooner you start, the less stressful it will be. You may not have made the decision to sell yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start to organise your home - just in case.


Your first step is to de-clutter your home. As you look around all the ‘stuff’ you have stored and piled in every room, cupboard, and drawer you may start to get overwhelmed. We always recommen

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