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Lead generation is a necessity in the business domain and with the advent of artificial intelligence, it has gotten easier in the recent years. AI has the tendency to outperform humans due to the unmatched qualities of the machines and technology. It has a lot to offer to businesses leveraging AI for lead generation. Here’s all that it can do:

Deflates costs:

AI technology eliminates repetitive administrative tasks essential for lead generation. This further enables the chat agents or support representatives to nurture the existing clients and work on acquiring new ones. Thus, artificial intelligence helps deflate costs and utilize all the lead generation resources more efficiently.

Streamlines the sales prospecting process:

AI creates a balance between automation and personalization. It thus helps streamline the process of sales prospecting by reaching out to every single lead in an efficacious manner.

Optimizes decision-making process around sales:

AI can actually help predict

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Firstly, let’s get familiar with what a customer journey map is. It is basically a diagram or several diagrams that depict the various stages customers go through while interacting with a business. A customer journey map is a visual representation of the processes starting right from purchasing to sharing grievances on social media. Customer journey maps are an inevitable part of customer service today. Read on to know why:

Help understand the customers’ preferences:

A customer journey map that’s created using data-driven research, helps understand customers’ preferences of channels that they use to reach out to a business or get their products. It may be emails or live chat support or phone calls or whatever suits them. You can even predict the path of future customers, as well.

Enables the maximization of sales efforts:

Tracking various stages that the customers undergo during their interaction with a business, gives a clear idea on how customers proceed through the sales funnel.

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Whether the customer experience was fair, good or excellent is best known to the customer. Empowering them is a way of enabling them to express whatever they feel.

As a matter of fact, the customers today, want you to know what they want and whenever they want. Customer empowerment benefits the customers and the businesses alike. Here’s how you can empower your customers the right way:

Provide an extended multi-channel support:

The very first step towards empowering customers is offering a multichannel support. Enable your customers to initiate an interaction over one communication channel and complete it over some other channel that they want. In addition to this, ensure that they have an access to the full multi-channel session history. This will help eliminate any repeat questions or searches and help enhance the customer service.

Put up a knowledge base for an enhanced customer experience:

Putting up a knowledge base is yet another effective way of empowering your customers an

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So, you still think your business can thrive without a live chat service today? Well, if that’s what’s on your mind, you need think again! The most successful businesses today are the ones that value their customers and be there to assist them every hour of the day. And that’s possible due to a live chat service.

Apart from providing 24x7 assistance, live chat contributes towards increased sales, loyal customers, brand recognition, lead generation and more. And it does not end here, read on to know why you really want this powerful technology for your business.

It is cost effective:

Live chat is the most efficient and cost-effective customer retention tool that you can opt for today. You can actually eliminate cart abandonment and move your visitors down the sales funnel in an effective manner using proactive chat communications.

Helps build trust:

The powerful technology enables your business to be transparent with your customers. Wondering how? Well, most of the live chat softwa

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Cultivating an exceptional customer experience for your customers is as important as delivering a great service in today’s era! An impeccable customer service alone cannot meet the ever-increasing expectations of today’s customers. Here are the best ways to create a great customer experience strategy that helps retain your customers and build a loyal customer base.

Determine the exact experience you want to capture:

This is the very first step when creating a customer experience strategy. It starts with the establishment of your company’s guiding principles. Thereafter, all the departments of the company from sales to marketing to product design to customer support need to be aligned so as to make the strategy successful.

Dig deeper into customer demographics:

An effective customer experience strategy can be created only if you know what your customers really want from you. So, it’s imperative that you gain insights into customer demographics spanning from age to education to ethni

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Customer service is not only about providing an exceptional support to the customers. It’s about looking after all the aspects that relate to the relationship between a business and its customers. The one that’s most noticeable of all is an irate, dissatisfied or angry customer. The reason for his/her fury may vary anywhere from a defected product to a complicated return policy. Whatever the situation be, the success of a business lies in combating such situations in the most effective manner. Here’s all that should be done when you encounter an infuriated customer:

Be positive and patient:

Being a live chat agent, this is the most important quality that a person should possess. It’s necessary to maintain a positive attitude and ensure that your chat tone is positive. Making use of positive phrases and carrying out the chat patiently irrespective of how badly the customer behaves is the key to winning him/her over.

Let them explain:

It is best to let your angry customers explain th

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You must have often heard about the benefits that a live chat support provides to any business using this amazing support tool.

What nobody tells you is that a live chat support is of no use if your website visitors don’t avail it. In other words, if the chat volume on your website is less, you can’t really expect to achieve the desired amount of conversion and customer satisfaction.

So, what can be the possible solution?


Well, in order to gain more website conversions and a high customer satisfaction rate, you first need to boost the live chat volume on your site. Here’s how it’s done:

Place the live chat button correctly:

One of the most common reasons why your website visitors do not avail your live chat support is because they are not even able to find it in the very first place.

So, make sure that you place the chat button is placed high on the page and not lost among lots of other images. Instead of placing it on the bottom of a Contact Us page, place it at all readily v

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3 Crucial Traits for best Live Chat Agent

Providing the best live chat service directly depends on the personality of your Live Chat Agents. It is the responsibility of the live chat service providers to assign live chat agents job to a deserving person who can be able to engage the particular customer and helping them regarding their concern by providing an actual solution according to the client's company. While live chat agents skills can be improved through training and mentoring, it takes tremendous effort and motivation to change natural behavior. That'why following attributes should be the part of the live chat agents. 1.) High Emotional Intelligence

Basically, Emotional intelligence is the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, In the field of live chat service it is an important point and every live chat agent should able to understand the mood and emotion of the customer as it will help the agent to provide solution accordingly. 2.) Positive Attitude Genuinely positive-mi

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