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How to Cater with Toddlers | ChampionTutor

ChampionTutor #1 Home Tuition agency that hosts the thousands of Home Tutors in Malaysia.  Each Tutor is verified and we ensure quality and reliability to the parents. Our primary goal is to enable each child to benefit from quality tutoring at an affordable price. Apart from tutors that provide private Tuition at the primary or secondary levels, we also host Home Tutors for toddlers. 

You might be asking this question: Is home tuition for toddlers really necessary? Here are some of the reasons why your toddler can benefit from access to a private tutor, even before enrolling in kindergarten:

  1. Mastery of Language: The students are best equipped to master the grammar and syntax of a new language at a very young age.
  2. Busy Parents: Most parents feel a sense of duty to educate their child from a young age. But somehow this is not possible for most of them. In this situation, Home Tutors can step up and take care of your child's educational growth.

These are the reasons why you shoul

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Balancing work and study

posted by californiacollege 2 months ago
tags: Education Learning

Maybe you are one of the many who desire to pursue your interest in study and further your career prospects. Inevitably, you will be burdened with the twin responsibility of holding a job and doing study at the same time.

You take a job to support your education. You pursue education in order to enhance your knowledge and career prospects. Work assists study and study will bear fruit in the form of a more respectable career.



However, the downside is that daytime is usually your most productive time not only for your work but also for your study. Furthermore, the rest of the day is to be apportioned between your family, friends, workout, entertainment etc.

There are for sure several online programs and jobs that you can do sitting in the comfort of your home. Working/studying from home has become a great option for several people because it is convenient and effective.

Nevertheless, it is a great challenge and a vital need to balance your work and study and other demands of

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Tips To Crack The SAT

posted by catalyzecenter 3 months ago
tags: learning

SAT is a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States. Originally called the Scholastic Aptitude Test, it was introduced in 1926 and has undergone several changes in its name and scoring pattern over the years. Now, it is simply called the SAT. It tests a student’s readiness for college. It is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) on behalf of the College Board, a private non-profit organization in the United States. Here we present some easy-to-follow tips to help you crack the SAT with utmost ease.



Spot wrong answers first

You and I know it is not humanly possible to know the right answers to all the questions. Well, there is absolutely no need to feel discouraged. Each question comes with four possible answer options. Spot the wrong choices first and eliminate them. Be sure to cross out the wrong choices to keep the field all clear and your mind focused. This leaves you with just the remaining choices to think more clearly, that largel

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Importance of Vocabulary Development

posted by pineconelearning 3 months ago
tags: Learning Education

Research shows that reading and writing are interconnected and interdependent, and that a child’s literacy development is dependent upon the integration of both. The Common Core State Standards further emphasize vocabulary knowledge, close reading, and text-based writing as ways to improve students’ reading comprehension and academic achievement.


  Vocabulary – an essential component of reading success  

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) emphasize the importance of vocabulary by making it one of the key components of the English Language Arts standards. A strong correlation exists between vocabulary development and one’s ability to read and write, and the National Reading Panel considers vocabulary one of the five essential skills in teaching children to read.

The problem is, the body cannot readily distinguish between a gorilla and a looming deadline or an upcoming test.  The Firehouse Effect is activated every time for every stress.  All defense measures are a go.  



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Don’t bother me with writing – I just want to code!

posted by pineconelearning 6 months ago
tags: learning education

“I’m going to play games, write games, make really cool apps and make a lot of money. I can drop out of school like lots of guys do and still be rich!  Right?”

While most kids may not have quite articulated these thoughts – at least not out loud, some of this probably lingers in the minds of many students who would prefer not to learn parts of speech, where to place a comma, or how to compose a well–written letter or email. Coding camps abound and the app and game industries are exploding. The ability to text with acronyms (C U B4 10) and emoji’s may be seen as more relevant and immediate than dealing with a mis-placed modifier.  Not so fast…..

Here’s what some of the actual techies and their bosses have to say about communication skills

From Lisa Davis, CHRS CWPC who is Director of Agency Solutions:

“If you want to secure a career--any career--it is critical that you learn how to communicate verbally as well as in writing. This skill can only enhance your technical abilities. Grea

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Amity Distance Learning Vs SMU Distance Learning

posted by socialnitashi 7 months ago
tags: Amity Distance Learning SMU Education

Distance Education Delhi is back with a new post about Distance Learning from Amity Distance Learning and SMU Distance Learning.

Both Amity and SMU are pioneers in distance learning and preferably first choice of aspirants for distance learning courses.

Among the list of various programs offered by Amity Distance Learning, Here is list of 4 most popular programs

Here is the List of Distance Learning Courses by SMU Distance Education

To know more:

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Handbags investment knowledge learning

posted by handbagsyou 10 months ago
tags: handbags learning business

Some people find buy designer handbags and clothing is a kind of waste, but as long as has the investment horizon and to obtain appropriate, in fact handbags also can for our wealth appreciation, as we have mentioned before Hermes Birkin handbag more value than gold, to master the following five key before the choose and buy, you may be the next investment talent!Rule # 1: don't take qiao colorFor handbags, remember not to buy too flower color opportunely, as black Chanel Jumbo Flap handbags, since its launch, value over time more and more high, in the home demand for classic designs.Rule # 2: start with limited edition before you want to knowLimited edition represents the value? No! Many brand quarterly will launch a special limited edition modelling, but do not represent can appreciation or hold their value over time, remember to choose the style a limited edition of evergreen don't fall!Rule # 3: keep the appearance of the handbagWant to sell a good price, natural to pay attention t

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