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Essential Accessories for a Modular Kitchen

For the house owners, a kitchen commonly comes to mind sleek modular units that are very impressive. The important thing of modern kitchens lies with the modular kitchen accessories which for creating storage etc. Find the below ideas to implementing the sleek kitchen accessories?

1. Tall Pantry unit

Normal Indian kitchen should have generous storage space for ingredients.

The main thing for ingredients placed on the kitchen racks for daily cooking

In modular kitchen a tall unit with generous storage for ingredients is an required accessory. Commonly, the unit can come with a pull-out system which is easily accessible for bottles and other things at the back.

2. Lift-up cabinet doors

Most kitchen cupboard doors open outbound. An open door gives the effective risk of injury when heads unexpectedly hit against kitchen appliances that create the kitchen environment safer. They create the simplicity to move about the kitchen.

3. Pull-out baskets or drawers :

While customary cupboar

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Choose the Best Kitchen Sink for Indian Homes

A smart kitchen is commonly not beautify a lot while designing a house anyhow, add some of the few things to your cooking area to create it show beautiful. Sink is the must have elements for every kitchen.Make a room with sink which gives functional and stands out.

1. Single steel sink :

If you have a small kitchen then the good choice will be a single bowl steel sink. Because it is in small and are large for saving counter storage space. In addition, steel sinks are more longer than others.

2. Inbuilt sink :

If you are looking modern touch then inbuilt sink is highly recommended. Otherwise normal sink is enough. Inbuilt sinks can be created of all the material which provides you many options to choose the best.

3. Sink with a drip tray

Single steel bowl with a drip tray. is most important and popular types of kitchen sink and it is found in common Indian homes. This design create it for you to reduce the excess of water after cleaning the utensils without splash it around the ki

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Space creating ideas for small kitchens

Having a narrow kitchen that you have to fight with some space crunch, reduce that problem focus on space saving solutions and accept in style and functionality. A tiny kitchen is challenging but it is comfortable and could easily be turned into comfortable. Here are the some tricks and solutions of creating space.

Simple solutions to create space in the small kitchen to To make a small space feel so much bigger

1.Stay in tune with mighty new technology

Change with new technology and revamp the tiny kitchen with current new cooking stove which is compact cooking equipment put together into one unit. Even the cooks will get it convenient to cook in. With oven fixed with cook top means don’t use another space for it. Do inquiry before buying any small kitchen gadget and will get that small-space models are applicable for every gadget, containing refrigerator.

2. Shrinking the sink

It’s not difficult that cleaning in single bowl sink. Single bowl occupy less space instead of two bowl

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All You Need to Know About Modular Kitchen

This guide explains some of the key terms in the manufacturing process.

1. Machine Pressed vs Hand Pressed Sheets

According to your vendor's capacity, the laminates are pressed manually or machine pressed on the plywood.

Hand Pressing - The plywood and laminates are cutting as needful, laminates are joined and stick on the plywood.

Machine Pressing - The laminate is deeply pressed on the plywood using machines. Machine Pressing are in two types. Machine Pressing is lot of better life when compared to hand pressing. Hand pressing will give the uneven finish and make the bubbles between the laminate and the plywood

2. Postforming

"Postformed" simply means "formed after laminated" to the plywood. Postforming is a general process of where laminates are smeared to a plywood or substrate with primarily formed edges, and the laminate should be rolled over the edges to make a single, unbroken laminate face.

3. Edgebanding

The plywood will be a raw edge when the plywood is cut. edge ban

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5 Reasons to go Modular!

In this modern age, the size of the living spaces have started to shrink day by day. Earlier, people wanted to have spacious bedrooms and lavish living rooms. Hence, the architects, designers and builders had to focus their expertise on accommodating to the people’s taste and desires respectively. In today's day and age, people prefer functionality with form. Every house has modular kitchen, which exhibits contemporary aesthetics and functionality.

The following are the top 5 reasons to go modular in kitchen are as follows.


Irrespective of the size of the kitchen, the modular kitchens are customizable and designed to suit the needs of every house. Different shapes are designed for different sizes of the kitchens such as L or Island shaped for the smaller kitchens and U or C shaped for the bigger kitchens. These are designed to cater to all dimensions.

Ease of Installment

Nowadays, people move often due to various reasons like job change, transfers, etc. It is a dre

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Important tips to maintain your modular kitchen

by Sekhark2 months ago

As of now, All the main cities are on the way to grow into the smart cities, the current standards are also progressing .Now, people do their houses to be perfectly designed according to the current trends.

Kitchen, no doubt, is the important one of the house. If that place is not maintained properly, this should be harmful to the whole family as a dirty kitchen. It should be a central point of many diseases. Moreover, an unclean kitchen doesn't give a best impression.

According to the modular kitchen, It is important to maintenance the kitchen.

Here are some important tips to maintain the modular kitchen.

1. Clean your modular kitchen regularly. Clean kitchen exterior with a disinfectant spray and a clean cloth. Cleanse floors and make your appliances clean like refrigerators, dishwashers, , stoves etc. repeatedly the process with mineral oil and a wet cloth.

2. If a steel sink in your modular kitchen, take smooth nylon for scrubbing pads to avoid blemishes. You should use vinega

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God Kitchen Concept: Dette is Soul af din House

by ShellKitchen6 months ago


En Great køkken design kan betyde forskellen mellem en normal hus og en virkelig Great hus. Køkkenet er ofte Middle familielivet. Det er sandsynligvis rummet det er mest almindeligt ombygget og opdateret. Det er dyreste rum, kvadratmeter til kvadratfod, i hele huset. Og det er også den mest komplekse. Læs dette : stilfulde køkkenromantiske landkøkken for flere oplysninger .

Køkkener Need for at være både funktionelle og smuk. De nødt til at være effektive at bruge, let at holde ren, og behageligt at vedligeholde. De fleste vigtigt , et køkken must passer til husejere og deres livsstil.

Men at designe et godt køkken er ikke Easy . Det er , fordi der er så mange overvejelser til Deal med . Mange gange disse faktorer er i konflikt med hinanden. For eksempel , har køkkener brug for lots af lagerplads og hold nogle voluminøse apparater, som køleskabe. Disse alle tager op vægplads.

Men køkkener det er behageligt at maintain bør føle sig lyse og luftige. Store vinduer og åbninger til

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What is the Best Technique to Clean a Kitchen Sink

As indicated by NSF International, the main association in general wellbeing, the kitchen sink is one of the germiest territories of the home – outranking even washroom surfaces. While it might appear like the sink should clean itself with each wash, the wet condition is a rearing ground for unsafe microorganisms. To keep the spread of germs and protect surfaces nourishment, the sink ought to be cleaned in any event once every week, possibly more.

Begin with a vacant sink, a wipe, boiling water, and dish cleaner. (The cleanser administering palm brush is an ideal instrument for the activity!) Scrub the inside of the sink to evacuate any bits of nourishment and deposit. A snappy sprinkle of heating pop additionally works here, as its surface is somewhat rough and will help kill any last sustenance particles without harming the surface of stainless steel kitchen sinks. Flush clean with heated water.

Next, utilize a cleaning splash or our top pick – a 50/50 blend of vinegar and water

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