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Omr Sheets For Offline Application | omr software |

OMR answer sheets of offline candidates for offline application, omr sheets for offline application.Short for optical mark recognition, the technology of electronically extracting intended data from marked fields, such as check boxes and fill-infields, ,on printed forms.OMR technology scans a printed form and reads predefined positions and records where marks are made on the form. A common OMR application is the use of "bubble sheets" for multiple-choice tests used by schools, colleges and universities. The error rate for OMR technology is less than 1%.

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OMR Sheet | OMR Sheet Checker Software |

Multigraphics Omr Scanning Division has the well Qualified and Experienced Staff, equipped with the World’s Fastest and Accurate Scanners to Scan the Omr Sheet with Highest Speed, Accuracy and Efficiency for processing of Omr Sheets, Result Preparation and Registration. Multigraphic Scanning Division has the capability of Scan the Any volume of Omr Sheets and Process the Result.


Multigraphics Software Division has developed and brought the revolution in Omr Technology by introducing the Oscan Omr Sheet Scanning Software with tick technology, which accepts the tick mark of the Omr Sheet and this type of feature is introduced First Time in India and no one can challenge the tick mark, this is the added advantage on Omr Technology. After scanning and processing of Omr Sheets, every Image of Omr Sheet has the tick mark for right answer. This Oscan Software is appreciated by all the Clients all over India and Abroad 

Multigraphics offer the services like Online Examination and Re

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Omr Sheet Scanning | Omr Sheet Processing| Result processing |

Multigraphics is the leading service provider for E-scanning for Omr Sheets, used for Competitive Exams, Professional Exams, Entrance Exams, KG level to 10+2 Exams, Campus Recruitment Exams, Government Recruitment Exams, Olympiads, Talent Search Exams, Pre and Post Examination Activity, Registration and Admission, Feed Back Forms, Inventory, Marketing Surveys, Marketing Analysis, Scientific Surveys, Elections and Attendance etc. since 1995.

Multigraphics is managed by the Doctorate& Engineering Graduates having the experience of 30 years of this field, highly qualified and experienced staff, can able the manage the scanning of 1.00 cr volume.

Multigraphics E-scanning Division is equipped with the Worlds class High Speed Omr Scanners, Highly efficient Software, own developed and rigorously tested, for Scanning the Omr Sheet. We are the only company which has the Unique Omr Sheet Scanning combination.

We comprises with both the Technology of Omr Scanner and Omr Software, gives the m

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by kaserp10 months ago

KASERP is the new age CRM for construction companies. It can be called as ERP for construction companies as well. Kaserp offers featured new methods software for construction companies that help manage your customers and all activities that is relating to them. It is Construction Companies software and is already being used by over 5000 companies. KASERP offers the best price and a highly secure method. It can be customized as per user needs and it relieves you of the data management and lets you focus on getting your work done without any issues.

Our services are:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

✓ Organize marketing efforts

✓ Manage the sales pipeline

✓ Calculate time spent on converting leads to closing deals

✓ Automates customer service

  • Full Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

✓ Distribution process management ✓ Supply chain management

✓ Services knowledgebase

✓ Improve accuracy of financial data

✓Facilitate better project planning

We offer a lot of functio

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