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Why we need KYC for ICO Process?

Lawful issues are one of the top 3 dangers that can sink your ICO. The explanation for this is simple: the legitimate scene is changing rapidly and you need to modify your business to these changes. There's one solitary point which has kept a similar shape for quite a while as of now. And it originates from the antiquated pre-blockchain time. It's the Know Your Customer process

What precisely is KYC?

KYC means 'Know Your Customer'. It is a procedure to verify the identity of your investors. It requires the data sharing of investors, for example, record scans, to ensure they are a genuine individual. Every investor should pass the KYC procedure and give their accreditations so as to participate in the ICO. This is a fundamental measure to guarantee that the ICO ventures are working with authentic individuals.

Principle issues with KYC in the Cryptosphere

For some, individuals out there, a KYC is an inconsistency of blockchains obscurity. In addition, usually saw as unsafe - you are

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Quick and easy explanation on Security Token Exchange


Security Tokens and Security token exchange have picked up footing in the cryptocurrency market. First off, Security Token Offerings are a kind of cryptocurrency tokens. They support resources like land, income created by an organization or shares. STO is similar ICO. Yet the distinction lies in the way that security tokens are budgetary securities, in contrast to utility tokens. This implies the investors can get better ROI contrasted with ICO.

Highlights for security token exchange are as follows:

Sequence Matching

The trade will contain a request coordinating motor. This will combine comparative requests among purchasers and merchants. That also at the best market cost. It will likewise coordinate the diverse requests like market and limit.

Fund Management

A wallet will deal with all security token exchanges. Clients can likewise control fiat-digital currency change through the in-built preparing interface with the related banks.

Escrow System

Any exchange between the purc

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How ICO Works?

by riyasteve23 days ago

In the last two years, ICOs were the talk of the town. The crowdfunding blockchain-based way of raising funds for a project emerged as an alternative for companies and startups to make public offerings.

The method has been very helpful to incentivize innovation and offers new blockchain based solutions that can change our day-to-day lives.

As we mentioned, ICOs are just like a crowdfunding. They raise funds by getting money from investors that, in return, get tokens that will become valuable in a mid or long-term.


But how an ICO works? Well, these are four pivotal steps to an ICO launching:

Pre-Announcement: Build a buzz and a community before launching the ICO is very important to make the target audience aware of the project. This is an initial part of the marketing strategy, putting the word out there about your offering while the white paper and other more technical content are being produced.

Offering: The final version of the white paper is ready, all the terms of the ICO

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Hashgraph Development

Since the time we got to know about Blockchain, the focus has been on improving it and implementing it in a different field. But, as they say, that every challenge paves the way for an opportunity, so did happen with Blockchain. The sudden rise on the field of Blockchain was felt because of the gap that the conventional technology posed in front of us, whether it was centralized storage of information, data security or cost-effective and quick transactions. Blockchain emerged as a solution to everything. But at the same time, it is also true that Blockchain itself has some areas of concern like its consensus mechanism which consumes a lot of electricity and resources, lack of regulation and control. All these factors led to the rise of new technology which is highly decentralized and is also a solution to the problems that Blockchain technology posed.

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Blockchain Game Development

Since the time Blockchain evolved we have seen its application in myriads of fields. Its multifaceted application makes it a universal technology. Amongst the various industries that it has influenced, the gaming industry is no different. The world of gaming has grown exponentially and with the help of Blockchain, we can make it even more transparent and lucrative for the gaming stalwarts. The ERC721 protocol for Ethereum based game development has become popular. At Blockhainerz we aim at rendering Blockchain based gaming solutions.

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How Blockchain Is Solving The KYC/AML Problems ?

Each association loves to know who their clients are and how they can enhance their services to give them better functionalities. NEFT, IMPS, and UPIs have made financial exchanges simple by simply making a single click. Why will bank think about the details of the account holder who has drawn nearer to open a bank account?

The banks evidently don’t have faith in your personality till you give a real document that clearly gives your whole detail. In the year 2002, RBI says that every one of the banks must get data about their clients’ identity and address. From that time onwards, it has been done by a procedure called KYC.

In this article, we’ll analyze how Blockchain technology upgrades KYC/AML.

What Is KYC? 

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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Investment Tools That Everybody Should Know

Digital currency has not yet finished a decade but rather they are the most looked for after investment we have seen up to this point. That is the reason nobody really knows how to dissect them and make the most out of it.

But, there are a few tools and services that give you an abundant measure of crypto experiences that can enable you to make actionable focuses while at the same time your examination. In this article, we are sharing some of top 5 cryptocurrency investment tools that one should use to enhance their examination on cryptocurrency before investing in it. These tools are being utilized by a large portion of the crypto financial specialists and cryptocurrency development services around the globe to get the best out of the cryptocurrency.

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Best Bots For Automated Crypto Trading Strategies

Summary: Though it might have had a shaky start, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology are here to stay for the long run. Most of the cryptocurrency trading strategies involve making use of the Blockchain enabled applications for enhanced results. As such, we specify some of the best bots for automated cryptocurrency trading 2018 as per the leading Blockchain technology company.

The ever-rising number of cryptocurrency platforms out there in the market with a significant amount of time it takes to maintain the consistency of the volatile cryptocurrencies tends to leave most of the traders frustrated and hopeless. As such, some of the leading cryptocurrency exchange development services have come up with the concept of automated crypto trading bots that offer the cryptocurrency traders with a productive way of freeing up time while generating lucrative incomes through effective crypto trading.

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Crypto Trading Tips and Common Mistakes

Summary: Cryptocurrencies of different types are gaining impetus in recent times. As such, there is a great demand for high-end cryptocurrency coding by some advanced cryptocurrency exchange development company.

Owing to the rising demand for cryptocurrency & its market, the users out there are constantly looking for reliable cryptocurrency exchange development servicesCryptocurrency and Blockchain technology are closely interrelated. Everyone enters the cryptocurrency market with the intent of making substantial amounts of money. However, it is recommended to be cautious at the same time. While you might come across several lucrative money-making offers, you could also end up making some major mistakes on the way.

If you are looking forward to investing in the cryptocurrency for the long-term, then you must know about some of the common tips and mistakes to learn from. One of the safest strategies for utilizing the Blockchain enabled application is holding. However, casual trading

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Decentralized Digital Locker – Blockchainerz

Summary: The boom in technological advancement has led to a rapid rise in the development of digital assets & transactions. One of the major technological advancements in the field of digital technology is the advent of decentralized Blockchain technology.

The Blockchain development technology offers the ease of storing and accessing data in a decentralized manner. Moreover, the advent of the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others has also revolutionized the digital currency market.

With centralized services, the process of document storage and access becomes vulnerable to major data breaches and might even lead to the denial of service in some cases. In addition to this, the users have no control over the government forcing the services towards disclosing the personal data or on the manner in which data gets stored on the server. The documents in case of centralized storage are always prone to theft from the intruders who might be capable of obtaining the encryption key

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