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India-Myanmar-Thailand Trilateral Highway – NHAI’s India-ASEAN Connectivity Efforts

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has been spearheading the Central government’s campaign to modernise the country’s highways and enhance trade and commerce and has initiated several domestic mega infrastructure projects with success. A few of these are -Electronic Toll Collection, Incident Management System, and Wayside Amenities. In early 2018, it kicked off a cluster project – Bharatmala Pariyojna – to subsume all these mega-projects and construct National Highways and economic corridors of more than 50,000 km to bridge rural and urban India.

Besides developing the country’s inland economy and attempting to bring prominence to its remote economic zones, the National Highways Authority of India also is helping the nation expand its footprint outwards with its ongoing India-Myanmar-Thailand Trilateral Highway (IMTTH). The Trilateral Highway is being constructed as part of India’s Look East policy to bolster trade and commerce besides business, health, education, and tou

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NHAI Sanctions Rs 4,494 Crores Highway Project in Telangana

Under its ambitious umbrella project, Bharatmala Pariyojna, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), sanctioned 4 road projects corresponding a budget of Rs 4,494 crores to industrial firms in Telangana. Further, the government’s autonomous agency officially promulgated the grant by issuing a Letter of Award (LoA) for constructing 188.15 km of highways on EPC (engineering, procurement and construction).

The National Highways Authority of India - under the supervision of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) - is planning to develop this project in coherence to the Hybrid Annuity Model (HAM) of Bharatmala. The cluster project will subsume all other highway projects by increasing NH connectivity by 77 percent. The NHAI is aiming to construct 44 economic corridors by increasing the NH corridor count from 5 to 50.

NHAI officials say that the grant to Telangana embodies development of roads and highways in the Southern part of the country. The four projects will elon

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Small Developers the Biggest Beneficiaries in NHAI’s Contract Awarding Spree

The National Highways Authority of India’s (NHAI) recording breaking financial year of 2017-18 saw them award almost half of all road construction projects to the small developers, according to the compiled NHAI data report by investment bank Equirus Securities. The biggest contract winners were large scale companies such as IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd (Rs 8,900 crore), Dilip Buildcon Ltd (Rs 18,770 crore) and Ashoka Buildcon Ltd (Rs 5,500 crore). However, various other small developers including JKumar Infraprojects Ltd, Gammon India Ltd, Madhucon Projects Ltd and ample other joint ventures by PNC Infratech Ltd and Monte Carlo Ltd swept up 48% from the entire bidding in the financial year.

According to the report by Equirus Securities, contracts under Rs 200 crore had participation from 10-15 bidders while projects over Rs 200 crore saw the numbers fall to 60-10. Apart from bestowing contracts to small organisations, the government also introduced the hybrid annuity model (HAM)

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NHAI to Enter the Realty Frame to Fund Bharatmala Project

The National Highways Authority of India is set to foray into real estate development to fund the highway projects in the current financial year and the ambitious Bharatmala Project. The estimated cost of highway construction is Rs 1.5 trillion and the overall expenditure for the Bharatmala project will exceed Rs 5.9 trillion. Bharatmala Pariyojana is a centrally-funded roads and highways project of the Government of India.

Up until now, only private developers were reaping benefits of this price escalation that resulted from the construction projects initiated by the National Highways Authority of India. The nodal agency of the Government of India will enquire state governments for acquiring land parcels along with project land, and then decide if they have to develop it on its own or auction to raise funds for the Bharatmala Project.

 It is also being said that a consultancy firm has been hired to evaluate the idea from all parameters and design a white paper on this under value pu

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NHAI to Branch Out into Realty Development to Raise Resources for Bharatmala Programme

The National Highways Authority of India is planning on engaging in real estate development plans in order to pay their way for their ambitious Bharatmala highway projects. The organisation is planning on leveraging the extending demands and rise in the land prices following the construction of the much-coveted roads and national highways. It was the private developers to date who churned profits from this land price escalation. The same is now going to be acquired by NHAI itself.

National Highways Authority of India is going to ask the state government around the country to acquire the land parcels alongside the project lands which will then be either developed or auctioned by them to raise funds for the Rs. 5.97 trillion Bharatmala project. These planning’s were initiated owing to the immediate need for funding amounting to Rs. 1.5 trillion in this financial year for the construction of roads and highways around the country.

In a recently issues statement, an NHAI official claimed

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Highway Monetisation by NHAI to Integrate Two More Highway Bundle Projects

With the impending national highway projects under the Bharatmala Programme, the National Highways Authority of India is effortlessly working to gather funds for the same. The organisation is deploying multiple ways to generate the amount that is required for the suitable construction of the infrastructure concerning the national highways in India. Following signing their very first TOT agreement with the Australian Company, Macquarie, and NHAI is set to add an additional amount of $2 million after acquiring $1.6 million from the company. This is exactly where the highway bundle projects are going to come into play.

The decision of launching the second set of bundle projects was devised after the successful implementation of the first bundle of highway monetisation. Owing to the growing success of these projects, the National Highways Authority of India has decided to propose similar bundle projects for the prospect of highway monetisation, possibly by the end of May to generate suita

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Moreh to Mae Sot – India-Myanmar-Thailand Trilateral Highway for Seamless Connection with ASEAN

In India, the National Highways are connecting the states so as increasing the networking between the populace. To take the development to every corner of the country highways are inevitable. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is entrusted with the responsibility of development and maintenance of National Highways in India. The National Highways carry 40% of trade though they constitute 1.7% of Indian road network. 

Now the National Highways Authority of India undertakes the responsibility to alleviate their mission to the next level – international connectivity. To encourage trade and the intermingling of the cultures, Government of India has planned a seamless connection between India and the south-east Asian neighbours. The govt. has proposed highways through the north-east of India to Myanmar and beyond to Thailand.

Mr Nitin Gadkari, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways hopes the trilateral Highway project can boost the trades and ties among the nations in the reg

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Impactful Increase in the Rate of Highway Construction in 2017-18

The National Highways Authority of India, an autonomous body that aims to ensure proper functioning of the national highways in India has been the primary contributor to the major changes witnessed in the highway construction and operation. In comparison to the last fiscal year, the rate of highway construction experienced a significant spike with 27 km/day which was 22.5 km/day last term. While this difference in the hike might not seem like a major one, it is definitely an achievement that is gradually gaining momentum to secure even better outcomes and results.

With the rate increasing to 27km/day, the clocked growth rate was that of 20% in comparison to last year’s. Even though the rate is rapidly increasing, the same is not even close to the visions of the Indian Government. They expect the rate to surpass the 40 km/day mark which is definitely going to take a bit more time. The government has time and time emphasised the importance of the roads and highway projects which is what

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India Aim to Build 40km/day in FY19 after Rapid Progress in FY 18

India built a total of 9,829 kilometers (km) of the National Highways (NHs), at the same time awarded 17,055 km of NHs during the financial year 2017-18. From this tally, road transport and highways ministry awarded 8,652 km, while the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) awarded 7,397 km of NHs, according to the latest data provided by the ministry. NHIDCL, the Centre’s arm for building NHs in northeast India awarded more than 1,000 km of highways taking the total to 17,055 for the year ending March 2018.

Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister, Road Transport, and Highways, said the ministry has achieved a growth of over 20 percent in the past one year. He continuing saying that it (ministry) has achieved per day construction at a rapid pace of 26.km per day in 2017-18, and the target for 2018-19 is 41 km/day. The minister also says that the main focus of the Centre is now turning to international standards of calculating highway construction.

The ministry’s expenditure reached an all

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NHAI’S Projected Plan to Extend the Roadways to Exceed the $15 Billion Mark

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) awarded contracts to road construction companies at a blistering pace, in the process of creating a new record for the Financial Year (FY) 2017-18. As per the report by IIFL management Ltd., India’s largest money manager for the rich by assets, the bestowment of orders may cross the figure of Rs 1 trillion in the next 12 months. According to this report, the breakneck pace of these order flows will continue in this FY (18-19).

The main focus of the NHAI currently is on our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious Bharatmala plan. This initiative will see the construction of highways in various states with a prime focus on far-flung border and rural areas.

The long process of handing out contracts didn’t gather pace until the December month of 2017, due to delays in land acquisition and the roll-out of a nationwide sales tax. One of the market leaders in the road development sector of India, DilipBuildcon (DBL), has been award

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