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Hayward AquaVac Pool Cleaner

Advantages of Pool chlorine generator

The pool is always a delight, especially in summer. But to make it always ready for fun, it is necessary to maintain it. How can you keep it clean over time? To simplify this work, we have selected some important tips so that you can clean your pool with the help of Polaris Robotic Cleaner to enjoy the hot days.

This is primarily to sweep this area away from dirt in the water.It is very important to do the cleaning of the strainer or skimmer. Typically, this item sits on the side of the Pressure Side Pool Cleaner and picks up dirt on the surface of the water, such as small insects, flowers and leaves. Empty the dirt tank by hand. Also, clean the pre-filter. To do this, be sure to turn off the filtration system and close the necessary records before accessing it.

Use brushing in this step. Raypak Aboveground Pool Heater is great for leaving the tiles and pads clean and beautiful. Aspiration - After brushing the pool, use the pool decanter: a product that solidifies the finer dir

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What is the role of the Pool Cleaner?

If you own your own pool, cleaning the pool plays a vital role. Thank you Hayward eVac PoolCleaner, it will make your work much easier. Its use is effective because it creates effortlessly to keep surfaces, floors and walls clean. Through regular and effective use of Vacuum Pool and Co., the clean water in your swimming pool is soon a matter of course.


There is a Hayward Aqua Vac Pool Cleaner which is simply a water hose and did not need electricity. Models that use an existing filter system for suction power are also excluded without power. The choice of connection to the skimmer or filter. Electric power, on the other hand, is required for models with their own pump which, depending on the model, are supplied from a battery or power source.



The performance of the filter Raypak Pool Heater should be observed for devices using the existing filter system for suction force. Units with their own pumps save a connection to the filtering system and therefore are faster to use, th

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What does White Pool Light do?

Pentair Globrite White LED Light System is the Lighting systems are already part of all projects for building pools. The big difference is that now they go from their basic function of just enlightening the environment to being a design and decoration tool. In addition to providing safety, especially during night dives, the use of light bulbs is a great strategy to make the leisure area a more cosy and sophisticated space.


When setting up a catalogue as Carvin Starbright Colour Pool Light as a swimming pool or when deciding the ideal solution for each area of leisure, several factors should be considered.



You also need to avoid overlapping beams of light. In most cases, the installation of the lamps is done by positioning them along the walls of the pool Ocean Blue Jet Light white LED are used as base stair structures and relaxation areas.


In darker designs that allow greater freedom of creation, multi-coloured led lamps can also be used, perfect for lovers of special ef

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Why the chlorine generator must be used in the swimming pools?

When we think of cleaning the outdoor area and treating pool water, our minds immediately go to chlorine. Pentair Intellipro Pump is widely used to keep the water clean and ready for the swimming pool. But it is also associated with some health impacts, such as skin allergies.

The pool cleaning routine begins with the installation of Pentair Intelliflo Pump and with some essential equipment. They are the pump and the filter, which are installed at the time of construction or renovation of the pool. There are also those that are handled routinely, such as the bottom vacuum cleaner, the sieve and even the coating brushes.

It is very common when we enter swimming pools in common use, as in hotels, large condos or clubs, find water with an excessive amount of chlorine. In some cases, you can even smell the product. With this, it comes to know that there is an installation of the Pentair Superflo Pump.  

The chlorine generator is an equipment that acts directly in the treatment

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What are the benefits of Pool heater?

Having a heating system for the pool in your home is a great idea to enjoy year-round use, regardless of the season and the weather. But it is important to invest in an economical, sustainable pool system with significant heat output.


If you want to install a Pentair Robotic Pool Cleaner heating system in your pool but still do not know what to consider before acquiring it, follow our post.


Types of pool heating:


The first step for those who want to warm the water is to know the most common types of pool heating systems. There are five of them: electric, heat exchanger, solar, gas, firewood and thermal cover.


Electric Pool heater: The electric heater presents good heating of the pool water and although it has a reasonable purchase price, the monthly electric power consumption is usually higher. This is because if the ambient temperature is lower than 15o C, the electrical equipment loses yield, which increases the energy expenditure.


K-Star Electric Heater: The heat

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Know differences between Heat Pumps Cs. Solar panels for swimming pools


Enersol Solar Panels for swimming pools are installed near them and face the sun. The water in the pool is heated by a closed circuit, in which the water is pumped to the solar panels and they return it hot.


The initial cost and the installation cost of this system are high but it is profitable very soon because it does not consume any energy.


The most common materials for these solar panels are polypropylene and do not need a storage tank. A pump is used so that the water reaches the plates.


The size of this pump will depend on the distance in which the solar panels are located, the greater the distance the pump will be, and it is recommended that the surface of solar panels for the pool be between 50 and 75 percent of the surface from the pool.

Advantages of Solar Panels in Pools:


  1. The radiation and conduction losses are minimal, which means that it is not necessary to use covers or any type of insulation.
  2. The initial investment is profitable since the price of
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What is the best Pool Heater in the Market?

In general, most of the devices to heat the water of the pools, have a series of precise indications, similarly, these can be confusing. In the following list there are some tips to take into consideration when using one:


  1. Read the instructions before installing it:


Each of the models of swimming Hayward Propane Pool Heater has different instructions on how to use them, given its various characteristics, it is better to recognize the type of heater and read its instructions.


  1. Measure well the available space:


Many heaters, especially solar, work according to space, that is, the more space they have, the greater the capacity they will have to heat the water.


  1. If you use gas, know your fuel:


Hayward Induced Draft Pool Heater is the fastest and cheapest if we know how to take advantage of them. Once we have installed it, we must feed the gas, ideally, in this case, is to have a natural source.


  1. Ensures that the filters work with the heater


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4 tips to keep your pool really clean

Very important is the use of a Zodiac Automatic Pool Cleaner or a pool vacuum. However, since the pool vacuum is less powerful than a robot, you should definitely consider what needs to meet the robot or the vacuum cleaner. If you have a large pool of more than 10 meters, a robot is recommended. If you have a small pool, a sucker is enough. If necessary, you can also clean a small pool regularly with a broom.

The use of a landing net is also advisable. However, you should pay attention to the size of the network here. If you use a low-quality landing net, you probably cannot remove all the leaves and everything that floats on the water surface. Therefore, the net should have a fine mesh. If you want to avoid the use of a net, it is necessary that the surface is cleaned in a different way steadily. There are robots that have a solution here for you. However, it is easier once a day or a week to fish out of the water with the landing net as needed. You can also use the Pentair Robot

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