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Address: 675 Town Square Blvd Suite 200 Building 1A Garland Texas USA 75040 Phone Number: 214-396-3709

Wensbite: https://omniqorrestoration.com/

Description: Omniqor, a residential and commercial service company, the solution for your heating and cooling system needs. Our building restoration services should be your first call after a flood or fire. 

Our decades of experience in restoring residential and commercial properties helps us provide professional and effective damage restoration services in Dallas, Fort Worth, and across Texas. We understand the trauma and stress a heavy storm may cause a family or business owner, as well as the helpless feelings that may result after a fire or flood.

Whether you require restoration of your home after a devastating fire, or you need cleanup after life-changing storm damage, we can help. We’ll use industry-leading techniques and cutting edge equipment to complete work on time and on budget. In every project we undertake, we endeavor to prov

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Do not load your HVAC

A compressor is extremely important to ensure the cooling and heating of your home. By pumping coolant into the system, it produces heat as a standard part of operation. However, in case it gets very hot, it will shut down.



Overloading of the compressor:

Overload of AC compressor is extremely common reason for malfunction, and normally happens on the coldest or hottest days, when the HVAC is working round the clock. It’s accountable for almost 50% of component failures. This is a very serious issue – and can also be very expensive if it develops into compressor failure. Pertaining to the system’s age, it may require complete replacement of the system.

Compressor Burn out - Causes:

The main cause of compressor burnout is bad installation, neglect, and maintenance, including…

  1. Dirty condenser coils.
  2. Dirty air filters.
  3. Undercharged or overcharged refrigeration system.
  4. Leaks in the refrigerant.
  5. Moisture within the refrigeration system.
  6. Added heat sources situated close t
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You love your heating and air conditioning system. It's been good to you all year. Now that fall is creeping in, are you ready? Is your HVAC ready? Take a look at four tips to prepare your HVAC for fall:


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