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Formal Kilt

Formal Kilts - Burns Supper Kilt Rental Package Online

"Burns Supper Special" has arrived!

If you don't already know what a Burns Supper is, Google it, buy tickets, then come back here and rent your kilt. We are only run this special once a year and it is discounted for the special occasion; for more information visit here: https://www.kiltrentalusa.com/burns-supper-2019-rental-special.html

You can even add a matching tartan sash for your woman for only $20.

Burns Supper Special Includes :-- Prince Charlie Jacket & 3 Button Vest --Tux Shirt (white only) -- Black Bow Tie (Colored Ties $5) --Cuff Links & shirt studs --Kilt  --Semi-Dress Sporran (Ivory) --Kilt Hose (Ivory) --Kilt Flashes  --All you will need to provide is black dress shoes. --Add kilt shoes for $20 Contact US:

Kilt Rental USA 7655 E. Redfield Rd, Suite 8 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260, USA ☎ 480-460-0907 Or Toll free No: 1-877-545-8746

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