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Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management Software | Truck Maintenance | Preventive Maintenance

There is always resistance to change, some companies say they don't have time to adopt a new system and some say it is difficult to bring change management due to low acceptance  whilst they continue to face higher unnecessary expense and  waste more time with its shortcomings.

 Fleet Management software

Vehicle maintenance can be of 2 types : Scheduled and unscheduled. Scheduled are the ones which are planned and undergone to prevent major repair, unexpected downtime and more expensive issues.  


Unscheduled ones are the repairs which are usually detected after a major break down and are not planned or expected which will lead to significant down time and high repair expenses thereby affecting business leading to frustration, loss of money and time. Which is why a robust fleet or vehicle maintenance software is required to manage your vehicle's maintenance dues and respective finances. It helps in real time alerts and manages all future and historical data of part changes and ser

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