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4 Motivational Elderly Peoples You Should Know About

While many seniors view retirement as a time to relax, others continue pushing their boundaries and living life to the fullest. Share stories of these elderly men and their amazing feats with your senior loved one to inspire him or her.


1. Dion Friedland

A bodybuilder as a young teen, Friedland gave up the hobby for college, career, and family. During his adult years, he played golf and tennis. However, after experiencing hip problems at the age of 65, he returned to bodybuilding. At 71, he won a bronze medal at the World Championships. He gained another award from the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness for being the oldest bodybuilding competitor. 

2. Jacque Fresco 

Even though he never finished high school, Fresco continued his education on his own. He was interested in engineering design and economics and worked as a fabrication designer for Alcoa and the Major Realty Corporation. After retirement, Fresco established his own industrial design company and beg

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How to Make a Nursing Home Feel like Home

Here's the situation: You've been living in your home since many years. As you've got old , the daily task has turned into somewhat much, so  choosing nursing home is the best alternative for your future. Your greatest stress: How to make your new residence, and the nursing home itself, feel like home.

This is a typical situation among numerous new residents moving into nursing home .The change time frame can feel somewhat overpowering; yet as a rule, the reckoning is the most exceedingly bad part. With a couple of tips, and some help from the nursing home you've choosen , that change period can be a short and enjoyable one.

Here are a few approaches to make your new living home, and the nursing home, feel like home.

  •  Choosing the correct nursing home

Numerous seniors searching for a nursing home may corner themselves into constrained choices because of cost. While cost is positively a factor, two more essential elements while picking a nursing home surrey are area and luxurie

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