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How to Choose the Right Course for your children?

You never what you are good at until you explore your interests.

Yep, we all read, learn and stuff in a lot of information into our minds. But how much of it do we actually choose?

We need to choose the right coure of study, the right college and the right industry to keep moving up and above the competition. 

Scope of Exports in Life

Ever since Suresh Prabhu has been turning heads and making headlines about the fabulous strategies in the world of Indian and International Exports- we can be sure to witness a positive change in this world of business.

If his strategies are implemented in the right manner, it will promise a better life, more revenue and more job opportunities for the people of India. 

For those children are into Commerce raher than the conventional Science specialization in their school years- this will be a positive turning point.

Thye can give more importance to export related laws, business, jobs as that will help them to scale up in life in a much better manne

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Higher Education: Exports, Business- Students and Their Choices


It is true parents struggle to make ends meet and give  a good life for their children.  My random thoughts poke on how the right education can improve children's future.

With competition rising, and #living #expenses running upscale, everyone finds it difficult to cope with this race. Still , if we need to survive- we need to find a #solution for this.

In India, for example- if  Suresh Prabhu  could bring a change in the future of India on the Internationla exports face- then that would do a lot of good for the people of india.

Recently, on checking what all work #Suresh #Prabhu had done- I could understand that - we need to not only educate children on subjects that meet their calibre and interests.

But, at the same time- teach them to apply the knowledge into their daily lives. #Parenting is tough for sure, and if not done in the right manner- it would harm the entire society and also the person themselves.

If such #export #policies and #strategies can improve the service sec

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Courses, Education and Technology in Indian Markets

-suresh prabhu-697697

Courses, Education and Technology in Indian Markets

As Technology advances beyond boundaries, we are in the midst of a lot of information. The main problem being- we don't know from where we need to start!

Technological Education

The new gen kids are born with technology on their laps. They know the nuances of thousands iof apps, webistes, courses, mobile games even better then the ones who bought it for them.

Well, we can give the explanation that... it's their age and that's their interest.  True, what you have thought. BUt is their knowledge being used on right roads to success. 

Takae a look at these thoughts, I noticed in a site called Prokerala.com

It was detailing about a Minister named Mr. Suresh Prabhu. I mean the man is a genius. He has been recently working on a  lot of strategies that will improve the economic growth of a massive country like India. 

Given the populaion and income disparity of such a beauiful country, the effforts done by that Finance Department is

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New School Year: Preparing For An Educational Endeavor

Towards the end of another summer break, students display both excitement and concern regarding a new curriculum, new teachers and all things that entail the new academic year. The smell of fresh books, the joy of buying new stationery, and meeting classmates, encompass the factors of excitement. Simultaneously, the ascending difficulty in the curriculum, the capability to cope up with the competition, and managing day-to-day schedules are what builds up the concern factor. To strike a balance between these positive and negative factors, students must possess adequate capabilities and to possess these capabilities, students need to evolve with the problems they come across.

If you haven’t yet figured out what your ultimate career goal is, there is still time. Start exploring your interest areas, be it academic or extracurricular. Once you’ve done so, opt for appropriate learning programs to inculcate new skills or polish old ones. This can be made convenient even after the schools hav

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All new TestprepKart JEE Preparation Online Courses

IIT's are the most prestigious institutes in the country. IIT institutes provide qualitative, technological and scientific education and research. They help the students to build a solid foundation of knowledge, develop personality, build confidence, inculcate pursuit of excellence and self-discipline through motivation and drive them to meet the challenges of their life and its now renowned by international communities.

The IIT's are located at Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Indore, Jodhpur, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Mandi, Mumbai, Patna, Ropar, Roorkee and Varanasi.

The IIT conducts a common admission test for admission to the various undergraduate courses. The exam was previously conducted by name of AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination) but recently it has been named as JEE (Joint Entrance Examination).Increasingly students apart from India have also shown interest in JEE preparation from countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahain

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What the Thai Cave Rescue can teach us. And your students.

Thai Cave Rescue

Image Source: www.nzherald.co.nz

It is sometimes the most unexpected incidents that teach us life-enduring lessons. Call it a miracle, call it a dangerous rescue operation, or a twist of fate. But the Thai Cave Rescue that saved the lives of 12 young boys and their coach is nothing short of a remarkable story.

On June 23, which was one of the boys’ birthday, the team and their football coach ventured out into the Tham Luang cave where they decided to spend an hour exploring. While inside, the cave began quickly filling up with water and safety at that point meant going further and deeper inside the cave. Despite life-threatening challenges, a rescue operation was brewing outside the cave with the help of Thai Navy Seals and foreign divers. And two weeks later the extraordinary mission was complete.

More than keeping the entire world glued to their news screen, the tale is one that offers a lesson on a number of factors. Take a look at them and you will understand what they are:

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A Progressive Educator of Rural India

Sant Nandlal Smriti Vidya Mandir

Today we focus the spotlight on one such visionary educator who transformed his school’s approach towards education through his persistent efforts. Mr Sanjay Kumar Mallick, Principal of Sant Nandlal Smriti Vidya Mandir, Ghatsila has been the brain behind making his school’s presence known among the best in the country. Not only has the school excelled in academics but has also made its name known in national events, despite belonging to an otherwise “not so developed” area.


Mr Sanjay Kumar Mallick

Principal, Sant Nandlal Smriti Vidya Mandir, Ghatsila

What were the Challenges he Faced?

Not many people would have heard of the name Ghatsila, which happens to be a small town in rural Jharkhand. The 3 major obstacles which Mr Mallick faced while addressing students and their parents were:

  • Low levels of awareness
  • Minimal resources to guide students
  • Relatively lower income levels

There were also fewer avenues for students to participate in ex

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Amidst the growing cries of sluggish economies and depreciating growth rates, if there is one thing that’s up to the pace (even more) it’s technology. The rapid growth that technology has seen in the past few decades has surpassed even our imaginations. Its swift strides make us look ahead with eyes full of wonder. It is remarkable how technology has brought us closer, to the point where physical boundaries are insignificant. Technology has made us embrace the concept of ‘Globalisation’ in its true sense. Even the socially sidelined groups from the SC/ST/OBC community can reap the benefits of technology. It has become easy to apply for SC ST scholarship, OBC scholarship, minority scholarship, etc.

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Best Strategies to Use before Submitting a Dissertation

by RayTrey1 month ago

Getting quality dissertation assistance from an expert is the best choice to make as a college student. In order toidentify the best dissertation writers, you need to review companies offering academic help before contacting them. For instance; if you find a writing company with writers who are Ph.D. holders, then you can trust them to have the required qualification to handle a dissertation paper. These writers have once in their lifetime encountered some difficulties in acquiring research materials for their long papers and now know of the best strategic measures to apply when dealing with some research problems. During their university level, they also handled countless dissertation and reports for their instructors to approve their grades. So, students should understand the difficulty they ought to experience while pursuing their graduate course.

Before you submit your paper, here are a few things you should do to avoid facing any difficulties in your writing;

Moreover, you can s

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Why Is The ISC Curriculum Really Suited For Humanities?


The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) is a national level, private board of school education in India. The CISCE conducts the Indian School Certificate (ISC) examinations for Class XII. The field of humanities is all about learning the functioning of human society, systems and social relationships. Though humanities was once considered as a stream meant for under-performers, it is now gaining ground both with students and parents as an attractive stream that lends many opportunities both to pursue higher education and climb the career ladder in future.

Students interested in the field of humanities find the ISC curriculum to be more engaging and flexible as it offers varied subjects. The flexibility to choose subjects of one’s interest along with others allows the student to pick a wide range of subjects at the university that opens up a wide selection of professions at a later stage. The ISC board offers more subject options for students than CBSE that

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