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by reyecom10 days ago

Houzz marketplace is the biggest retail marketplace for selling home decor and home remodeling items. So don’t miss out to it if you are a merchant selling home remodeling items.

Houzz marketplace is the best place to be, whether you are a subcontractor seeking for clients who need some construction work to be done, or you are an interior designer looking for clients with floor restructuring needs or much more. Houzz offers a great deal of exposure as almost 40 million people visit this site to look for the best home decor, home redesigning, home remodeling ideas and deals.

Who should use Houzz.com for listing their products or services

The following companies and organisations should go for Houzz product listing services:

  • Companies selling home decor items, home improvement items for bedroom, bathroom, dining etc
  • Retailers and manufacturers selling home decor items.
  • Kitchen contractors
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Real estate firms and building developers
  • Lawn and sprinkler companie
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by reyecom10 days ago

jet.com Product Listing Solution is the new entrant in the e-commerce market which has picked up so fast that it has already defeated many strong and established marketplaces. Jet.com has moved up at fourth level in terms of generating GMV (gross marchandise Value).

InteList: API for product integration with jet.com

To import your product feed to jet.com, you need to have an API. REYECOMOPS has collaborated with the programmers at InteList.net to help the retailers interact with this platform.

Also some successful operations has been done to mark the successful implementation.

 Advance Your Jet.com Marketplace Strategy with Jet Product Listing Optimization from REYECOMOPS.

It is required to post accurate, precise, useful information on jet so that the customers there don’t find it unambiguous.

Since we know the standards followed by jet and we also know the importance of getting product listing done accurately for you. REYECOMOPS are here, to assist you in every way.

 Jet Produc

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by reyecom10 days ago

Today, every businessman is selling his products on multiple retail channels like Amazon, eBay etc. Sears.com is one of these retail selling channels on which you can find many of your potential customers. If you haven’t listed your products on sears.com then you are losing those many potential customers of yours.

We, REYECOMOPS, are here to assist you with SEARS PRODUCT LISTING SERVICE product listing through our skilled manpower and extensive experience in the field. Our experts possess an unmatched proficiency in listing products related to medical, apparels, jewellery, electronics, health, pet supplies, toys and games, watches, food and grocery, shoes etc.

Sears product upload and product entry services at REYECOMOPS.

We REYECOMOPS provide a variety of services relating to sears product data entry.

Here are some of those services which we provide:

  • roduct data entryour product data entry experts prepare a product sheet in suitable excel template defining the fields like SKU
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by reyecom10 days ago

If, as a businessman, you are looking for expanding your business, diversifying your client base, you should consider Rakuten as your way. Enlisting products on Rakuten will help you find your potential customers, and we REYECOMOPS are here to help you with Rakuten product listing services.

We possess expertise in all sorts of Rakuten product listing services and perform the functions with utmost accuracy.

We possess skills in enlisting products relating to food and grocery, jewellery, toys and fancy, pets, medicine and health, electronics and households, apparel and cosmetics etc.

Rich array of Rakuten.com product entry services by REYECOMOPS

We perform varied services under Rakuten product entry services ranging from creating feeds to back office support.

Here are some of the major services that we carry out:

  • Rakuten SKU feeds creation: there are product feed and inventory feed specifications provided by Rakuten. We create new feeds in accordance with the specifications in ne
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by reyecom10 days ago

Looking for the preeminent ways to grow your business or to jump over to E-Business but have concerns about the forthcoming workload and responsibilities, then you don’t need to agonize about it now as REY ECOM OPS are here to provide complete solution to your worries as your Virtual E-Commerce Services . E-Commerce is the unsurpassed way to showcase your products and boost your organizational performance as a whole so leaping over to it is conclusive but managing it requires skill and expertise that REY ECOM OPS is keen to provide you.

So you can find a way out to your E-Commerce concerns through collaboration with us and keep aside your reservations about the amount of work requisite for the purpose. Following are the services that we provide and you may like to avail from us:

Product Listing

If you want to set up E-Commerce store via online shopping platforms then REY ECOM OPS can impart you with an uninterrupted support with its expertise.

We upload and list your innumerable pr

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New online marketplace lets outdoor enthusiasts buy, sell, and upgrade gear

by alicemay3 months ago

CHARLESTON, SC – Do you have outdoor gear collecting dust in your closet or garage? Now you can trade that idle equipment in for cash, or even upgraded equipment, by pointing your computer to ReelTrail.com.


ReelTrail is a new online marketplace designed for outdoor enthusiasts that makes the process of selling outdoor gear fast and easy. Visitors to ReelTrail will find a wide array of equipment already for sale, from fishing reels, to sailing equipment, to hunting clothes, and more.


The ReelTrail platform is the outgrowth of small, outdoor gear consignment store located in Charleston, South Carolina. Owner Ryan Leaphart says that ReelTrail was born out of frustration, “Dealing with sites like eBay and Craigslist were a huge pain, and the fees never ended. We needed a market tailored to outdoorsmen/women enthusiasts. So, we put our noggins together and decided how we could get a simple solution in everyone's hands.”


ReelTrail is available anywhere in the world, thanks to the

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7 Features That Make Magento Incredible to Use for B2B E-Commerce

Magento Development

Regular consumers have long ago adopted e-commerce as their preferred mode of shopping. Businesses and professionals are now catching up to the speed as well. In fact, more than 90% of B2B buyers now prefer to do their buying from vendors online. Why? The same reasons why online shopping is preferred by consumer buyers, for the sake of convenience, simplicity, and ease. Read More...

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