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Digital Signage

How Marketing and Technology Trends are Shaping Signage

Signage has evolved rapidly since the 1990s in lockstep with advances in technology and business models. Newer business models and more companies entering the fray automatically call for more aggressive, unique and insightful marketing. Signage has evolved from a mere necessity around the premises, to an important component in the advertising story. Various influences from technology and marketing trends are shaping modern day signage.

Marketing trends shaping signage

  • Simple designs: Clunky signage with a lot of messages crammed into it is becoming extinct. Simple and short messages in unique, elegant and modern fonts are the rage. They stand out from the clutter and scream “class” from a distance. Backgrounds and borders are also more refined to help the text and imagery stand out.
  • Vintage designs: Vintage designs from the world war era have an antique value and bring a smile on viewers’ faces. This is being exploited cleverly by advertisers in industries where the offerings ar
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Signage Trends for 2019

The increasing migration towards digital signage

In the last decade or more, signage has evolved rapidly to incorporate advances in material science and printing technology to capture prospect’s eyes in interesting ways. However, the static nature of older forms of signage limits their utility. Business owners must upgrade their signage frequently to stay at par with current industry trends. Not only is this more expensive but also less efficient as many prospects are lost in the shuffle.

That is why, across businesses, more and more business owners are phasing out older forms of signage, in favor of digital signage. While the initial costs of are higher, the dynamic nature of digital signage, and the ease of changing the message or its look-and-feel in real-time, offers exciting possibilities!

Improving communication outreach

Unlike older forms of signage that had a one-size-fits all approach to signage, digital signage recognizes the fact that no two prospects are alike. The ne

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Improving Brand Visibility with Signage

The most pertinent question as an owner or marketing lead for a company is whether people can find your business easily. Simply putting up one sign on top of your doorway may not be enough. There are other creative ways to improve your brand visibility and keep your company name etched in people’s minds.

Signage Options to Increase Brand Visibility

Monument Signs

These can be made from stone, metal or even wood. They look grand and will remain etched in a person’s memory once they pass it. They are built to last and can withstand the elements extremely well. They are generally stand-alone structures at the front of a building or driveway.

A custom backlit graphic panel or digital display can be used to further enhance the impact of the sign and portray a brand’s personality.

Floor Graphics

The power of high-quality floor graphics and creatives is under-rated. If a business is located close to a main street or in the path of a lot of thoroughfare then floor graphics can greatly

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Signage Tips to Maximize Brand Visibility

Even as the world braces itself to enter the third decade of the new millennium, which may bring more disruption in our lives, one of the things that has not changed much is the use of signage to promote brands and services. Sureenough, there have been several innovations in the signage industry but the basic premise for the use of signage has not changed. Whether it’s commercialspace in the CBD (central business district) or the downtown, or digital signage that keeps you updated on the latest happy-hour deals, there are some basic principles that must be followed to maximize your brand’s exposure and effectiveness.

 sign my signs

Must-have elements of good signage

As a marketer, brand visibility is key and a lot of thought and effort goes into every design and choice of medium. When it comes to signage, here are some important basics to bear in mind:

Keep it Simple- Yes, the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle will always hold good. Think very carefully on the choice of words andkey messa

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Digital Signage Improves Students’ Overall College Experience

In the past, colleges used corkboards to pass important information to students. Later on, they advanced to sending the students mass emails, which often went unread.

Communication within colleges is an ongoing process that is not limited to the inside of classrooms. Students want to stay informed about everything, from emergency alerts to their professors’ office hours to the day’s lunch menu at the cafeteria. However, college administrators usually find it hard to distribute relevant, timely information to students and visitors.

Thankfully, a new communication tool, digital signage, has emerged to replace inefficient bulletin boards and emails. A majority of modern colleges use digital signage for a number of reasons:

  • Digital signage eliminates the cost of printing numerous copies of signs and posters to announce events, only for them to later be thrown away, which is wasteful.
  • Digital signage features dynamic and visually appealing images and videos that capture the attention
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The Power of Digital Signage for Brands

In what is otherwise a relatively-low innovation industry, the signage or display advertising industry has seen a lot of innovation in recent years. The past few years have witnessed tremendous transformation and innovation in signage since the time they hit the mainstream market in the 1950s.


Digital signage goes a step further and has completely changed the way marketers and brands seek to promote their products or services. It has become an integral part of marketing strategy and as per Grand View Research, a market research and consulting company, the global digital signage market is expected to gross USD 20.03bn by 2020.



Types of Digital Signage

Whether it’s replacing your poster or hoarding with an LCD screen, utilizing a touch screen kiosk or ordering your food via a touch screen at a restaurant, digital signage is ubiquitous. They vary in size and are determined by their use.


  • Indoor signage: Theseuse HD screens which can be controlled by computers to choose
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Digital Signage Trends to Look out for in 2018

Digital signage is becoming increasingly more prevalent as cutting-edge technology continues to drive innovation. Market research firm Markets and Markets, pegs the global digital signage market to grow to approximately USD 32.84 billion by 2023. Tinhis is a steady 7.4% increase from the USD 19.6 billion which it was in 2016. North America constitutes the majority of this market and will continue to be the driving force. Of course, this market size includes everything from digital signage products to software/hardware services and applications. That is why it is useful to know the trends for the coming year.



Types of Digital Signage and their Uses

So, what exactly is classified as digital signage? While kiosks, menu boards, billboards, signboards etc. all come under digital signage,for ease of understanding we broadly classify digital signage as:         

      · Indoor Signage- Using HD screens to display service related information, live updates, ad sand so on. These are o

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