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Digital marketing empowers companies to publicize their products, services and brand names right across the spectrum of electronic media including Internet based and offline platforms. In digital marketing, different channels are utilized to assist companies in scrutinizing their marketing operations. This lets them pick the optimal channel that works for their requirements accordingly.

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Why Choose XcelTec?

Digital marketing is an oft-changing field and therefore it is always prone to disruptions and changes in a big way for any business. Sometimes the changes may be big enough to force the company to restructure their entire setup. XcelTec stays on top of this ever changing world as an effective partner and always targets to influence your business by improving your return on investment.

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83ideas - IT Consulting and Professional Services

83ideas provides extensive IT services and solution, operational since 2013 based in Mohali, India. 83ideas has been providing a full spectrum of custom software development services to leading companies around the globe. One stop solution for all your outsourcing needs, on time and on budget!Visit us for more detail at

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Are You Really Interested In Reaching To Your Potential Customers?

Digital Marketing Services have emerged as a breath of fresh air, rejuvenating the monotonous approach of offline marketing. Apart from having advantages like ease of excess, wide range of target audience and an interactive approach to communicate with the consumers, the one main reason to adapt to digital marketing is its affordability and an everlasting impact on the consumer minds.

To ReachPotential Customers

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Go Online To Grow Your Business

Online marketing will create a buyer focused web advertising for your enterprise and then guide you to find the optimum channel for presenting it to the market. A good Digital marketing agency would give you the best rate of investment, as it would never stop reworking on the strategies to promote your enterprise.


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The Best Practices to Speed up Your Website and Boost Conversion Rate

Bring down the number of HTTP requests -  As per Yahoo, downloading style sheets, images, scripts and other components of a page consume 80% of the loading time. For each component an HTTP request is made, so higher the number of on-page components, the more the loading time. So you need to simplify your design by using CSS, combining multiple style sheets, reducing scripts, and so on.

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Digital Marketing Company in India

Odigma is a leading digital marketing agency in India which offers innovative solutions for Brands to connect with their consumers on the web. Offers full range of Digital Marketing Services from Digital Strategy, Online Campaigns and Design Solutions.

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