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9 Unique Wedding Rings For Your Perfect Wedding Day

by dericksmith83 months ago
Your wedding day is something that you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life, so it’s got to be perfect! But when it’s come to buy perfect wedding rings online for your wedding it’s more difficult than it sounds. It’s not easy to choose a wedding ring that feels comfortable and look good together. To help you find the best wedding rings that symbolize the love and commitment, and designing rings we've rounded up unique-looking wedding rings that capture your styles and personalities.

1. 18K Rose Gold Milgrain Tension Set Vintage Diamond Wedding Ring

2. 18K White Gold 0,11 ct. Half Eternity Milgrain Pave Set Diamond Wedding Ring 3.18K Yellow Gold Matt & Shiny 3,5mm Wedding Ring 4. 18K White Gold Twisted Matt And Shiny Pave SetWedding Ring 5. 18K Rose Gold Art Deco Vintage Half Eternity Wedding Ring In Milgrain  Bezel Set 6. 18K White Gold 3-Row Half Eternity Pave Set Round Shaped Diamond Wedding Ring 7.18K Yellow Gold Cushion Shaped Illusion Set Wedding Ring 8. continue reading →
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Engagement rings

by alexaura9 months ago

Engagement rings

Engagement is an official declaration of love. "Engaged", or "engaged" - as they say about people who voiced the intention to conclude a legal marriage. To this special occasion we need special ornaments-engagement rings.

The history of the engagement rings

It is believed that the tradition to present the beloved ring at the time of the offer of the hand and heart came to us from medieval Europe. And we owe her the Austrian Duke Maximilian. He was in love with the first European beauty, Maria of Burgundy.

They agreed on the wedding, but it was still a long way to the cherished day. The duke feared that the bride could change her mind. So that she would constantly think about him, he presented her with a diamond ring as a gift. A feature of the decoration was the letter "M" on it, which was supposed to remind the beloved of Maximilian.

What do you mean by "engagement ring"?

It is generally accepted that such a decoration is purely feminine. For a woman, it is an u

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What are conflict diamonds and what’s wrong about them?

The Crynum Ring 

Conflict diamonds (some refer to them as blood diamonds) are real diamonds that are sourced from regions that are controlled by groups that are wrongly defiant to legitimacy and governments. Precious stones mined in these districts are sold to fund armed activity against those legislatures. More often than not, stone miners working in such zones of conflicts are subjected to serious human rights infringement and manhandle. After these diamonds are carried into the market, their source point is very hard to track, which has made the destruction of contention precious stones a noteworthy worldwide issue. At Perrian we take this issue very seriously and always ensure that all of our jewelry products are made from ethically sourced diamonds.



A merciless civil war in Sierra Leone that has been prevalent since past 10 years denoted the beginning of a unified worldwide awareness with respect to conflict-free in the mid-1990s. The Revoluti

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