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The NHAI is Set to Install Video Surveillance System at Toll Plazas

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) is taking its efforts to make the National Highway Network of India top-notch to another level. By using latest technology and infrastructure the NHAI is working to fix the problem of traffic congestion on the highway toll plazas.

As it is a known fact that the highways are the lifeline of the travel and transportation in the country, it makes it obvious to imagine the number of vehicles travel on these highway roads every day. The toll plazas create a bottleneck on these highways, and slight mismanagement can lead to heavy traffic jams near these toll plazas.

In order to avoid such scenarios and provide highway commuters with a hassle-free experience, the National Highway Authority of India has decided to install hi-tech video surveillance system at the toll plazas. The surveillance system will be equipped to do the real-time mapping of traffic congestion. It will send time-stamped photographs at a regular interval of 30 minutes to the

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Highway Monetisation by NHAI to Integrate Two More Highway Bundle Projects

With the impending national highway projects under the Bharatmala Programme, the National Highways Authority of India is effortlessly working to gather funds for the same. The organisation is deploying multiple ways to generate the amount that is required for the suitable construction of the infrastructure concerning the national highways in India. Following signing their very first TOT agreement with the Australian Company, Macquarie, and NHAI is set to add an additional amount of $2 million after acquiring $1.6 million from the company. This is exactly where the highway bundle projects are going to come into play.

The decision of launching the second set of bundle projects was devised after the successful implementation of the first bundle of highway monetisation. Owing to the growing success of these projects, the National Highways Authority of India has decided to propose similar bundle projects for the prospect of highway monetisation, possibly by the end of May to generate suita

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Impactful Increase in the Rate of Highway Construction in 2017-18

The National Highways Authority of India, an autonomous body that aims to ensure proper functioning of the national highways in India has been the primary contributor to the major changes witnessed in the highway construction and operation. In comparison to the last fiscal year, the rate of highway construction experienced a significant spike with 27 km/day which was 22.5 km/day last term. While this difference in the hike might not seem like a major one, it is definitely an achievement that is gradually gaining momentum to secure even better outcomes and results.

With the rate increasing to 27km/day, the clocked growth rate was that of 20% in comparison to last year’s. Even though the rate is rapidly increasing, the same is not even close to the visions of the Indian Government. They expect the rate to surpass the 40 km/day mark which is definitely going to take a bit more time. The government has time and time emphasised the importance of the roads and highway projects which is what

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NHAI Created History by Awarding Projects Worth Rs 1,22,000 Crores

The infrastructure sector in India is taking more and more positive strides day on day. The Government of India is leaving no opportunity to improve the infrastructure in India. The roadway sector in India, which is one of the largest trade facilitators, is catching the momentum of infrastructure growth. The sector is pulling/attracting investments from across the globe. Accordingly, the National Highways Authority of India, in the financial year of 2017-2018, sanctioned highway development projects worth Rs 1.2 lakh crores. This feat by the NHAI reflects the prospects of the highways sector in India.

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), which is a statutory body of government of India, was created to develop and maintain a large chunk of the national highway network. This autonomous body works under the aegis of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). For the past 2 decades, the NHAI has embarked on a mission to upgrade the status/condition of the national highwa

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National Green Highway Mission by NHAI for a Sustainable Environment on Highways

The growth of an economy is acknowledged by the highways in India, only 2% of Indian road network comes under National Highway but it carries 40% of the automobile traffics. It signifies the importance of National Highways in the Indian economy. But the growth of highways has some inevitable consequences like environmental degradation in the form of deforestation. The situation gradually becomes critical as the traffic is contributing in releasing greenhouse gases. This leads to global warming and loss of biodiversity.

With an aim to reduce the adverse effect of deforestation on the environment, National Highways Authority of India has taken some initiatives like “Adopt A Green Highway” programme. The National Green Highways Mission (NGHM) is established by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) under National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) with a vision to develop green corridors along national highways for the sustainable environment and inclusive growth. National Highw

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NHAI to Award More Road Projects to Propel the BharatMala Programme Forward

According to recent reports, the National Highways Authority of India is set to award 3000 km of road projects in regards to push forward the BharatMala project. As per the roads and highways projects that were awarded in the last fiscal year, this autonomous organisation is set to augment the process and award more road projects this financial year. Unlike the 7200 km of road projects that NHAI awarded last year, they are considering on giving out 3000 km of such projects this year round and that too at the initial two months of the financial year.

In an issued statement, NHAI officials stated that they have given out 150 road projects stretching over 7200 km in the financial year of 2018 with an estimated expenditure of Rs. 122,000 crore. Amalgamating the projects in the last five years, NHAI has awarded projects stretching over distances of 2,860 km and the rest 4,335 km being awarded in the last financial year itself. They claimed that the road projects awarded in the FY18 were an

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NHAI Bonds to Boost Finances of Highways Sector

The rise in the significance of infrastructure is heeding to the demands of the world. The magnitude in which its importance is cementing has never happened before. But, many countries are finding it difficult to finance their infrastructure projects, which require a huge investment. So, the governments across the world are looking for new options to fund the infrastructural projects and fill the gaps. The Government of India is much more special in this regard as it is trying to tap the untapped funds, which is first of its kind in India. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) is planning to raise funds up to 1 Lakh Crore from NHAI bonds, LIC and EPFO investments.

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), which was created to develop and maintain the major chunk of national highways of India, is a statutory and autonomous body of Government of India. It works under the aegis of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, India. Till date, under the guidance of NHAI,

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