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Dedicated Hosting

Best VPS Web Hosting Server

Virtual Private Server or VPS Server is a virtual machine and it will be provided by a web hosting service provider. VPS server runs its own OS (Operating System). VPS servers are a mixture of both the shared hosting and a dedicated hosting. In VPS server a client can install any type of software for the OS. VPS servers are equivalent to a dedicated server and it can be easily configured. Cost of a VPS server is low when compared to dedicated servers. VPS servers have the capacity of sharing the physical hardware with other VPS servers, performance might fluctuate depending on the workload of different virtual machines. 

The main advantages of a VPS server for medium business are that you will have entire access to the VPS operating system without any barriers. And it permits the user to configure the VPS and to achieve the requirements. In VPS server the users can also opt for additional hosting on the server such as Protocol, Mail server, File Transfer or any other applications, and

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