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How to make your first website?

How to make your first website?You can create a simple website within a few hours. There are a lot of courses and tutorials on the web that will teach you how to do it without having to leave home. It sounds almost fantastic, but that's the truth, which you can easily find out by trying your hand at this kind of work. Quick effects will certainly surprise you, but at the same time they will motivate you to continue working and acquire new skills in this direction.

Why is it so simple? The answer to this question is equally simple - the basic appearance of the website is provided by a language called HTML. Writing its code is not too complicated and therefore it is not only easy to learn, but also a very good starting point for further learning. Understanding its tags and syntax allows for a good foundation on which you can build your further knowledge.

You can create a very simple website in a few hours in the comfort of your room. Of course, such a website will not be as standard as you might be accustomed to by

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Possible Future Threats Of A Negative SEO Attack

Possible Future Threats Of A Negative SEO Attack

Social links from low-quality accounts can impact the google rankings significantly. It is possible in future, that Google may start to place a premium on who shares a link, especially with verified accounts, but in the current scenario, having your website links getting shared out by known bot networks may result in an adverse reaction thus impacting the ranking of your website negatively. Duplicate content served through proxies. An old tactic but still an effective one. The way this tactic works is getting a proxy gateway site to index and effectively crawl a website, making and displaying a copy of it. Negative SEO attack vector would work in two different ways. First, reducing the amount of traffic by having a significant number of bad reviews. Secondly as most 3rd party reviews on the first page be negative, people would tend to pre-judge the quality of the service or product thus negatively impacting the traffic on your website.

Possible Future Threats Of A Negative SEO Att

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What is whispered marketing?

by Julius782 months ago

What is whispered marketing?

According to the research, consumers no longer believe in the messages presented to them in advertisements - the Internet, forums and services are for them a source of knowledge and suggestions for making purchasing decisions. 

Whisper marketing is about giving users a reason to discuss a given brand, product or service. Users present their views, evaluate the product, point out errors and problems associated with its use, and at the same time express their opinions about its advantages. The moderator, an employee of whispered marketing, has the task of initiating a discussion and then supervising it, bringing it to the right track in order to achieve the desired goal.   The activities of whispered marketing services are carried out mainly on forums, discussion groups and social networking sites. On each of them there are profiles, the aim of which is to arouse trust among other Internet users and persuade them to buy products, which are being discussed.

The whispered marketing se

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How to write content for the Internet?

by Julius782 months ago

How to write content for the Internet?

One of the basic differences between the text on a piece of paper or a book and what we see every day on our monitors is formatting. A proficient copywriter and editor of an online newspaper is aware of these differences, which is why it is a priority to make sure that the text looks as good as possible. This is of great importance - the internet reader not only does not read the text, but only "flows" through it with his or her eyes. Appropriate arrangement of the material, division, will allow him to find the information that interests him, and thus - will allow him to stay on our website for longer!

Let's also remember about research on eye-tracking: the way the reader scans online content with his or her eyes is very different from reading classical books.

Transparency of text is also a common trick used by webwriters. They know that in order to deceive the reader, they have to edit the text so that it does not feel tired of reading. To achieve this, they divide the text into s

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How to find keywords that make your content pop?

Some of the keywords can be found in various ways which will make the content pop in the writing challenge.

The following are some of the ways on how to find keywords that make content more pop.

  1. Keyword Research

Make a thorough research on the major words to use to search your content easily. The research on the keyword helps in finding out the customers’ topics and strategies.  The research should also involve very strong keywords which will attract the customers.  For instance, when one needs to capture the attention of the buyers in his or her products, one needs to do thorough research on what the customers require. He can be able to label the product, for example, cooking oil; it should be labeled as cholesterol free and with quality nutrients. Use as many tags as you can to describe a product or service. For this reason, one is required to be brief in writing the title and the descriptions. Additionally, the descriptions should be accompanied with little pictorials which w

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Top 5 Content Marketing Strategies for a Beginner

If you’re just getting started with content marketing, you’re a tad bit late to the party. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from the advantages content marketing offers.

Content Marketing Strategies

To many beginners, this idea is intimidating. Publishers everywhere have created thousands of articles on content marketing. It’s hard to differentiate actionable advice from the clickbait stuff not worthy of your time. Check this also how to uncover content marketing techniques from competition.

#1.  Who are you marketing to?

This step precedes creating content, crafting an offer or strategising your marketing funnel.  You need to decide who you’re marketing to. Content marketing means connecting with the target customers on a personal level.

#2. Content creation

After defining your target audience, content creation is the next step. This could be in a written format (press release, website blog, report or a social media post), as visuals (meme, infographic or for social media) or as a video.  

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How to Create Successful Content Marketing Strategy

A successful content marketing strategy is essential for success in business. So first question is how to create a successful content marketing strategy? Here we have listed some topics that will help you in creating successful content marketing strategy and it will help you in building your brand’s online presence.

Content Marketing Strategy

Tips to Create Successful Content Marketing Strategy

  • Strong Headline

A content headline play biggest role in click through ratio on google search. So if your content is much informative and still you can’t get the clicks then you must have to focus on your content headline. So always write strong content headline to get more clicks on google search.

  • Write content for your audience

If you are writing a blog just by focusing on how to rank that post first on google search result then it won’t work ever. Always write content according to your audience requirement. Write on what your customer needs. Include everything in content whatever required and necessary to

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