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How Has Content become Vital for Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

We all spend a significant part of the day on the Internet. The Internet has the concept of entertainment, information dissemination, education, shopping among several others. As an outcome, e-commerce ventures offering various products and services have flourished over the past few years. Quite often, on social media platforms or Google, we come across content in multiple forms that catch our attention, and we admire the subtle communication that it makes.

Words may be the greatest invention of human race, and the Internet has capitalized on it most impressively. Good content on the Internet attracts us, and the content writing agency is apt enough to monetize it.

Let us delve more in-depth in the context and understand the role and importance of content writing company.

1. The impetus that content gives to online business is well understood. The whole Internet is made up of content – the blogs, pictures, info-graphics, articles, podcasts, press releases- all are vital sources from

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How to Optimize Content for Google Snippet

Have you recently noticed that it is getting harder and harder to rank on the Google? And it is not because of the high competition in the market. The reason behind the low traffic could be snippets. The snippets are the selected search results that are featured on Google results just behind the ads. Seo serves an important role for visibility purposes.

The snippets are also known as answering box, you know why? Because it provides answers in just mere seconds.  There are mainly three types of Google snippet

  • Paragraph
  • List
  • Table
How to Write the Content in Google Featured Snippet

The featured page rank in the top of Google results so if you get your content in the Google snippet then you can enjoy the high traffic to the website without any fall but the question is how will you do it? To optimize content in the snippet you need to identify which phrases you already ranking for in the search engine. As Google search engine basically choose the content who are already ranking h

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What is The Ideal Length of an SEO Content?

If you are working in the digital world for a long time then you must aware of the importance of the content in the conversion. Qdexi Technology understands this and provides SEO content as per the need of the client. However, it is always debatable that how long a content should be to engage the customers.

You have witnesses that content length varies from one post to another. For example, at the one website, the length of the blog is 1800 words longs while on another website is 2000 plus words long. Still, the question remains the same, what is the best length for the content?

Take a look at Google guideline and you will find that the Google only value quality long content. That means the chances of long quality content ranking on the top is higher in compared to small or short content. As per the comparative research, the first three ranking is reserved by blogs of 2400 plus words, posts that contain 2300 plus words lands until the 5th position on the Google ranking and the 10th r

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