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Your ads on Facebook do not work? Something you’re not doing well

Many companies think that ads on Your ads on Facebook do not work are not profitable, that they do not work. The truth is that many of these experiences are the result of bad management. If used properly,  you can get up to 600% return on investment. Next we explain how.

First of all, we should forget about traditional pay per click Many campaigns in Google AdWords work well almost leaving them on “autopilot”. Not so with the social network of “Like”. Once our demographic target has seen our ad again and again, the click rate will fall , and our cost per click will rise, thus destroying the ROI. To be successful with this type of ads, we have to prepare a campaign with a short life cycle . Ideally, it should not last more than a week.

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What is more effective for a brand: brand prescribers or influencers?

If we think about it, it is very logical, since the profile of the brand prescribers or influencers is usually that of people who are far from the product but who have to promote it and who may not have even tried it, such as bloggers , critics or celebrities of various kinds, while A staunch defender of a brand or product is someone who has not only bought the product, but who has used it and seen its usefulness and quality, and who, afterwards, shares his experiences and opinions about it.

In addition, another thing that differentiates these profiles is that the influencers usually have an economic motivation: they promote a product or service and get paid for it, while the prescriberonly seeks to offer his opinion to other users.

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Ten SEO techniques that will never go out of style

The latest updates from  , with its Panda and its Penguin have revolutionized thousands of websites around the world, penalizing some and improving the ranking of others. And this, possibly, is the tip of the SEO techniques. Thinking of a more “intelligent” and “human” engineering, user searches will be done by studying his mind, trying to think how he would do it, moving away from the technified processes and making Google (and behind him Bing will follow) a perfect machine social and “almost thinking” that select only the content of value and suits tablets, phones and PC . 

For those who have benefited from the use of black hat techniques (Black Hat SEO), the days of keyword stuffing in nonsense articles are over. The opportunities are growing for quality content that is increasingly important to the success of a website and increase the possibilities offered by social networks and geolocation .

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Objectives and KPI in social networks: setting goals and measuring them

When creating a Social Media plan, objectives can not be absent. They are the ones that determine the strategy and therefore the actions that will be carried out to reach them. But it is as important to know where we are going as to know if we are getting it .  If so, it means that you are following the right direction, but if not, there is the possibility of readjusting the actions to reach the goal and maximize the investment.

Starting with the social network, they must be tangible, measurable and, above all, achievable. It is useless to set objectives that allow any manager to dream if they are impossible to achieve, as they will generate frustration and may raise inappropriate strategies and actions. At the same time, if they are too simple they may be limiting the success of a campaign, so it is best to be realistic and ambitious in the right measure, knowing that it is possible to achieve them if you work well.

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Email marketing tools: 10 very useful for 2019

Having the right email marketing tool can mean the success or failure of your mail campaigns. Programs email marketing literally do all the work for you, from sending emails to offer performance data. Without them, we would still be copying and pasting addresses to send our campaigns.

Having a good tool email ensures that our campaigns are delivered at the right time and displayed correctly, we can do a good segmentation and analyze well data and our team can automate repetitive tasks and focus on strategy and creativity. To help you make a good decision on this issue, we have selected the 10 most useful email marketing programs for 2019

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Medical Billing Outsourcing Services | Medical Billing Services | USA Based Firm

Essential qualities for becoming the best medical billing Outsourcing services provider

The Medical billing service have been established itself as an outstanding platform for assisting patients, globally. This process obligates via healthcare services provider and healthcare insurance company. Our divine planet is being cursed by the devastating nuisance spawned by humans. Every natural disaster is prevailing with an alarming rate which is enough to question the existence of mankind on earth. Along with the Sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits, the prevalence rate is getting much higher.

Over 95% of the world population is suffering from any kind of surgery/injury or health issues, only one people among 20 is perfectly healthy which is 4% of the world’s total population. With this drastic increment rate of patient’s population, the global market is getting fueled with medical billing services provider. The healthcare service provider submits and takes-up the claims with insuran

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Android Application Development Company in India, USA

Android is presently the world’s most used mobile platform and its popularity, usage and growth has been nothing short of splendid and exponential. Such an expansion has turned a number of conventional notions upside down. Due to this, there is a red hot requirement for a company talented enough to build professional android applications. Just like Android devices are famous for being budget-friendly, the price factor and scaling extent of the Android OS has transformed Android app development and deployment into a crucial segment in every business category.


XcelTec is an affordable android application development company in Ahmedabad, India & USA. We have dedicated android developer team. Hire experts android developer for your dream android app development, game development and more.

XcelTec leading Android Application Development Company in India offering Android App Development Services, Android Viability Analysis, Android Application Ideation & Design, Redrafting Android Mobil

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Tips in Getting the Best Limousine Service

When looking for limousine, you have to check out the limousine for yourself in order to check out if it is in the right condition and pleasing enough for your special occasion. Check out the seats as well. You have to talk to the manager and ask for the important details you need about the limousine service. Check out the rates, the minimum and maximum time offered, about the driver, modes of payment, and so on.

There are lots of limousine companies out there, so it is better to narrow your choices through references. It is better to rent limousine service to a company who has been in the business for a long period of time and has proven its effectiveness and capabilities. It would be wiser if you conduct research on top limousine companies in your place. Gain information on each of the company in order for you to easily find which one can best suit your needs and wants. It is advisable to read testimonials from clients in order to assure the effectiveness and capabilities of the com

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Top SEO companies in Noida

by lalitmathur1 year ago

In today's world, it has become highly essential for companies to have a website. It helps the business in getting credibility, it keeps the customers informed about the products and services and about the financial health of the company

However, it is equally important for the organizations to hire a reputable company to manage its Search Engine Optimization. when selecting an SEO firm, the company needs to set goals for themselves. For example, the companies need to make sure the traffic on their website is from specific target group and not raw traffic. likewise, the company needs to make sure that the revenues are increasing and the sales are boosting and avoid depending solely on rankings of the products and services online.

Keeping this in mind here is a list of top SEO companies in Noida.

  1. Wonder Mouse Technologies – The company was targeting a wider market and helps organizations expand their business.established in the year 2016. It specializes in Web designing, Web develo
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Top 5 reasons why you should need mobile app for your business?

The mobile landscape is growing very fast. People are spending most of their time with the mobile phone. The smartphone is changing the way of living very smartly and quickly. Everyone wants to simplify their work by using a mobile phone. For example banking transaction, booking tickets for a flight, train, bus, entertainment, online shopping and business related tasks, all are get done through mobile apps.

If you want to increase your business growth, then you may need a mobile app and may need to contact mobile apps development company Dubai, as they are one of the best people in developing mobile apps today.

5 reasons why a mobile app is essential for your business.

  1. Be Unique among Competitors:

Developing a mobile app is a great way get a competitive edge for your company, especially if you’re attempting to appeal to a young audience.

Today seven out of every ten businesses don’t have a mobile app. If you do, you will offer potential customers something that your competitor

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