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Blockchain For Cyber Security

Blockchain and Data Security

In the past few years, we have seen scandalous cases of data breach. Big companies are being accused of leaking personal information of their clients/users or, in other cases, great hackers spill the data all over the internet.

And as we rapidly move all of our data to the digital world, it is imperative for corporations to start being more careful and transparent with people’s information.

Blockchain is the ideal platform for any type of business to store their enormous volume of data with clarity and security. Known as the most disruptive technology that emerged after the internet itself, it is finally getting the deserved attention.


This is how blockchain and data security can work together:

  • Tamper-proof - This is the primary characteristic to make data security great. The blockchain network doesn’t have a single point of failure, because it is distributed, so all the information is stored across the world in nodes. To change any information, it would be necessary to attack
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