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Reading the latest and updated Blockchain news you are fully aware of events and policy changes taking place around the world. For instance, the latest report is coming from France where the local insurance giant AXA has launched a new flight delay insurance product that uses the public Ethereum blockchain to store and process payouts.

Needless to say various portals providing comprehensive coverage to blockchain news admit that the product, called Fizzy, is being pitched as a "smart insurance" tool that flyers can use to insure their trips if their flight is delayed by two hours or more. The new solution is all set to meet the requirements from the users nationally and internationally as well.

In fact, the product makes notable use of smart contracts, self-executing piece of code that triggers once certain conditions are met on a blockchain. According to the blockchain news providers AXA admits that Ethereum's public blockchain plays two key roles here. Also, according to the firm

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What do you know about the new cryptocurrency that is going to launch in online market - “Metronome coin”?

Is it going to change the current Blockchain trading issues and make investors more space?

Have a quick look through our blog to understand about this new arrival:


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Bitcoin Charts to Make Sound Trading Decisions

No doubt about the fact that the traders who come fully prepared tend to make great trading decisions. If you are one of the traders who wish to make sound trading decisions, Bitcoin charts are the most important tools. Needless to say when you are trading the digital currency, Japanese candlesticks are the most common display style of prices.

According to experts and traders these are simple colored indicators which display when the price goes up and when it is dipping. The candle that are part of Bitcoin charts displays a blue color when the prices are rising and going up and turns red as it moves to a lower price. Thus, you can make sound trading decision with the help of Bitcoin charts.

Similarly, there is bar chart which is considered the third type of chart that can denote prices in the market. This one is actually quite similar to that of a candlestick chart except that bars are used to show the opening price, closing price and the direction in which the currency pair is heade

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