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Binary Options Payout

Binary options pay-out refers to the percentage of the amount you will win if your prediction turns out to be correct for a particular option.It is represented in terms of percentage and hence your profit increases as you increase the amount you invested. For example, suppose the payout for a particular option is 75% and you make an investment of $100.If your prediction regarding that option happens to be right after the expiry of the option, you will make a profit of 75% of $100 i.e. $75.

After the expiry, your profit along with the amount you invested will be added to your trading account. In this case a total of $175 will be added likewise. The payouts are clearly defined before you make a trade. Hence, you would always know how much you stand to win in a trade

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Variation in binary options payouts

Binary options payouts are variable. Different options have different payouts depending on the asset and the binary opt

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