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Advantages of Backlinks

posted by Sushanthp 5 days ago
tags: backlinks SEO

In the SEO world, we often hear about backlinks, let us understand the back-link concept.Getting traffic to your website from other sites is termed as a backlink. Let us take an example: A person is telling that "I am getting a backlink from it means that the person's site is listed in the form of anchor text(Clickable Text) in the form of a keyword. when they click on that automatically they will be navigated to your website i.e means it is linking back to your website. While doing backlinks we need to abid with the google's norms and it must not be a policy violation. 

Advantages of Backlinks

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Top SEO Offpage Sites List to Build Backlinks in 2018

posted by alexwood4512 27 days ago
tags: seo marketing offpage backlinks sites

Build quality backlinks

Find here top websites list to build high quality backlinks. Here i have listed top websites list which are very helpful in building backlinks.

1. Guest Posting Sites List

2. Profile Creation Sites List

3. Business Listing Sites USA

4. Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube

These are the best websites list that will surely help you in building quality backlinks for your website. In 2018, seo trends are changed so its better to build quality backlinks which helps your website in incresing domain authority.

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Backlinks: 50 Free Powerful (Authority Backlink) Sources -

posted by Sushanthp 1 month ago
tags: Backlinks

These days are gone when SEO means a large number of backlinks. There, bloggers can easily get a high rank and appear at the top of the search engine results pages for any keyword by sending thousands of backlinks. Now SEO is totally different from the old strategies did not work now and search engines prefer the quality of backlinks instead of quantity

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