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Automotive Company in USa TESLA top Premium

Tesla is considered the premium competitors by end of 2018 and it is making clear inroads as the next top automotive company of the future in US. 


The Silicon Valley automaker is facing legal and financial challenges through many years and it does not let the sales of its units drop. The 2018 stats show that Tesla has been among the top premium automotive brands and it is highly prestigious car brand in US like  Mercedes Benz BMW, Infinite, acura and  Lexus, which have been down during last quarter of 2018 and the sales of Tesla was climbing up. It is worth mentioned that all these stats are linked to US automotive market.


Tesla discloses the stats that over 90,000 vehicles have been delivered by automaker for last quarter of 2018 and it is estimated to 8% more than the third quarter of the same year. You should know that Tesla has already claimed that they are all time high during the third quarter. Mercedes Benz and BMW are the leading and important names in premium automotive

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