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App Development

Mobile App Development

Looking for the mobile app development from experts? Contact Plaxonic Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a pioneer and excellent company which offers amazing solutions in app development In United States and India. We deal in IOS & android app development to provide various app development and app store solutions.

App development

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How App Developers Can Reduce the Risk of Cyberattacks

App Developers Reduce Cyberattacks

The evolution of technology has brought seemingly endless benefits to both businesses and consumers. But along with the progress comes a few setbacks, like the increase in the number of cybersecurity attacks for example. The end goal for attackers remains the same—monetary theft. And with around 249,662 new domains and 5,518,007 new hosts launching daily, their targets are continually growing.

In addition, the proliferation of mobile technology has given cybercriminals a new platform to carry out their attacks. Secondary or affiliate stores in the Android market can be taken advantage of to compromise official apps or create fake apps.

This makes security a critical consideration for app developers. Organizations must also regularly monitor app stores (and the entire web) to find platforms hosting apps without permission from the developer as well as apps impersonating the brand. 


Read the full article on the Intelligent Bee Blog: How App Developers Can Reduce the Risk of Cyber

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Desktop Application Development

We are experts at desktop application development and sure that they generate earnings. Ultimately, we affect your bottom line in a positive way and we have the necessary tools to do the same. Software development is all about aligning technology with business needs. A good software developer will get you excellent results and it will continue to do so for a long period of time. At Efficient India, we cohere to the standard quality norms of software development lifecycle and we are a one-stop solution for desktop application development.

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How to choose a suitable mobile app development agency

Do you have a brilliant idea about a new mobile app that will be the next Instagram (or Tiktok)?

Here are some tips to help you find the right development companies that you can rely on to making your dream app come true. 

  1. If you are creating an integrated app that needs full assistance in every aspect including project strategy,  UI/UX design, and long-term maintenance, you need comprehensive services. Go talk to a full-service digital solution agency who has specialist experts to implement these services. Don’t try to look for those specialist companies, they usually do not have the right talents to provide the full-services.
  1. If you already have documentation or comprehensive specifications for a complete mobile app plan. It means that you only need services of UI/UX Design and Programming Development.  In this case, try to use the same company for both UIUX design and programming development where possible. The reason is that communication is very important. It can ensure
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How Technological Trends are Affecting Mobile App Development?

Nowadays, Smartphones are not just connecting the people but are powered with a hood of a personal computer. For various online buyers, email transactions, digital payments, data transfer and various another day to day activities, people now individually trust on smartphones. This is the reason why mobile apps are getting indispensable in the mobile phone segment. Rather than logging with the help of browsers, a fast and smoother application makes the work simpler to do.


mobile app development company


Android becomes a dominant operating system among all. Android mobile consists 77% of total smartphone segment in the USA. And this is the reason why application development companies in USA are increasing every day. But, the role of the developers is a bit critical. With the change or development in technology, developing android app is now easier to develop then used to be in the past. But they also come with various limitations to tackle. Technology is smartly changing the role of the android app developers

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What Should you Expect from your Mobile Apps?

We have read and heard enough about mobile apps, its importance and how it could be instrumental in getting your business up and moving to greater heights. But as retailers, aren’t you on the lookout for the “ideal mobile app”. The single source of turbo boost for your business which could skyrocket online presence and bridge the gap between you and your customers. Sounds great but is there a set of hard and fast rules for an ideal app? Doesn’t the mobile app differ based on requirements and type of retail business?

Well, though mobile app development, you fully depend on your specific requirements as online retailers, your target audience, reach and so on, there is indeed a checklist of basic necessities which are looked for in almost all kinds of mobile apps. Let us look into the primary features of any mobile app for it to be customized and built upon.

The common aspects expected from a competent mobile apps are: Let it be simple:

Mobile app users need not be necessarily tech sa

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Things To Know About App Development With Sure Shot Methods

Web design and development services add to the quality of the services attained by the companies. It provides the business with an attractive and multipurpose web page. Interaction with the end customers becomes very easy. The reach of the business expands. The expenses on operational cost are drastically reduced as the middleman nodes are generally negated. It is vital to give acquiescence to the undeniable fact that web designing cannot be ignored. Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi

The future of web design services in India is bright. A quality UI/UX solution is a must for understanding the way future users would like to experience the outlook of their website. It is very important to keep these services in a continuous update. Blockchain Development Company in Delhi

Better Web designing helps companies to present themselves in an attractive and interesting way to the public in general. It is vital to take up the challenges as they come and also in a way be looking towards the futu

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Mobile App Development - 5 things to know

by defuzed8 months ago

Reaching out to your customers is a big challenge for businesses across the globe. While most businesses today have websites the fact is that consumers have very little attention span. Hence, you have to be sure that you are able to create a website that can gain the attention of the users and consumers. This would allow them to know more about your products and services and gradually become your customers. 

There are many design companies and studios that you would find and therefore it is important that you choose them wisely. Not all companies and studios function the same way and can understand your business the way you do. Hence, you have to research and find some of the best design studios in India. If you have a business in India you can search for a App Development Company in Delhi that can help you with your business website design. This should allow you to get better visibility online and you can also make the best impression on your potential clients.

One of the benefits o

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Top 10 HTML5 App Development Companies

One of the primary, undeniable advantages of developing in HTML5 is that it essentially excises the need to develop an app in separate platforms. This, in turn, would certainly save developers precious amounts of time, effort, and money. Nonetheless, app development in HTML5, as in other platforms, require specialized knowledge and expertise in order to consistently and seamlessly create apps using it.



If you don’t have the time to invest in learning HTML5 from scratch, then the only practical and viable option you can take is to hire an HTML5 app development company. These companies are build your app for you and you only need to relay all your app’s details to them before agreeing on starting with the project. Allow us to make your search for a company quick and easy, though, by taking the time to check out the 10 Best HTML5 Application Development Companies July 2017 that we have taken the initiative to list as follows.


1. Code My Views

CMV is a global team of software

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