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Concept of Email marketing and the way it works - a necessary effort

Email has become a very popular form of professional communication in business. The purpose of email marketing is to reach your potential users quickly and increase online business directly. Email Marketing is one segment of internet marketing, which encompasses online marketing via websites, social media, blogs etc.

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Amp-Up your Promotional Campaign with GPS Enabled Letterbox Delivery

GPS Letterbox Distribution is the catchy eye grabbing design followed by GPS enabled delivery system which not only grabs the prospects’ attention but is also accessible to clients so that they can track their deliveries.

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How do you know Your Flyers & Leaflet are reaching their Indeed Destinations?

Find out a flyer distribution campaign like “Flyer Distribution Canberra” that offers complete GPS tracking report of your flyer delivery status. 

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Cutting Sticker for Helmet Safety

posted by reklame76 6 months ago
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Often the CV. Partners Advertising 76 Balikpapan received orders to produce cutting sticker used for branding helmet safety. Commonly used sticker that there are 2 kinds, types of reflective sheeting for helmets used to work until late at night which has a function to reflect light (3M) to be easily visible, and types of non reflective (Oracal) if only during the daytime. For the design of cutting sticker on the helmets that are general enough to put a company logo on the front of helmet safety, but if you must complete often list the names and positions of safety helmet wearer on the right and left sides of helmet. Often also given sign to distinguish between the use of safety helmet mine contractor and sub-contractor in conjuction with circular sticker on the right and left safety helmet with certain colors and different colors to easily identify users in the field.

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