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AC Unit

Cleaning Your Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit

by temperatureperfection8 months ago

If you keep your outside AC unit clean you can expect your system to run efficiently while prolonging its lifespan. If you want to clean your unit on your own then here are a few tips that can help!

How many times should you clean your outside unit?

For most owners, cleaning it twice a year is enough, once before winters as you will be using the heating and once before summers as you will want to turn on air conditioning.

What are the different supplies and tools needed to clean an outside unit?

Here is a list of tools that will come in handy when cleaning the unit:

  1. Vacuum
  1. Garden hose
  1. Screwdriver
  1. Replacement filter
  1. Rags
  1. Fin comb
  1. Pipe cleaner 

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